Platinum Prince Diss Kinnah AGAIN!

Just when we thought Platinum Prince was closing the dissing chapter, it seems like thats never gonna happen especially on fellow artist Kinnah.

Kinnah has been on the radar of most Zimdancehall artists and fans for being too scruffy, he has been compared to Jamaican dancehall artist Gully Bop. But one loud artist among them has been Platinum Prince. Platinum has dissed the artist from the way he intros his song, Seh de ma go dis claiming its not real Patois to the way he dress.

This time, he laid a subliminal diss on his new single on the Hospot Riddim a collaboration between Aya T of Hot Property and Levels of ChillSpot Recordz. The song titled Ndeip Magi (Magi as in short for an offensive name Magirazi used on people who were spectacles). In the song he rants about a girl ‘aizvi feeler’ 

Kasi urihanzvadzi yaKinnah, kuita kunge Katarina, kusada kutamba neZINWA, hoo zviya itsvina! – sings Platinum Prince

You can see in the lyrics above Platinum Prince tries to connect Kinnah to this girl, ‘Kasi uri hanzvadzi yaKinnah (are you Kinnah’s sister)’, it is a known fact that if one ask your relation to someone, you must have something in common. In this case Platinum lays it down, ‘Kusada kutamba neZINWA’ a statement meaning a person who does not enjoy bathing!

Platinum Prince has been involved in a lot of controversial songs including one which seemed to mock President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, in a song titled Ndeip Baba Bona.

You can download the song below and listen for yourself, tell us what you think!


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