Seh Calaz Address Beef With Ricky Fire, Maggikal and Talks Fallout With Flava on ZiJudgement

Last Night (02 June) the Badhiti President who now calls himself Boss Yala, Seh Calaz was on ZiJudgement Yard session for an interview with Etherton Beenie. The two touched on many issues including the hot rising beef between fellow artists Ricky Fire and Maggikal.

Seh Calaz accused Ricky Fire and Maggikal of scaring away from shows that he is included, ” Kune mamwe mashows ekutoti promoter anotoona kuti vamwe vanhu (Ricky Fire and Maggikal) kunyangwe tikavasheedza havauye, hapana promoter anoder kunyudza mari yake because pana Boss Yala (Seh Calaz) havauye,” bragged the dancehall singer, after being asked by a fan by the name Tinashe why he does not do shows with the two chanters.

He went on to assure his fans in Chitungwiza and Highfields that he is not in beef with them (fans) but the artists (Ricky and Maggikal), “Kana ndichitukana naRicky Fire handisi kutuka Chitungwiza, ndinenge ndichituka munhu wangu.” He went on to insult Ricky calling him insane/benzi, “Handingamborase Chitungwiza nekuti kwabudikira benzi.”

After Etherton asked the artist to clarify on beef Seh Calaz had with Flava after he insulted him on many songs calling him DJ Wesese (anything), Seh Calaz called it a fallout and apologized to Flava for his actions saying he was angry, “Ndendakagumbukawoo…haa Flava anofanira kundiregererawo ndandine hasha, but maworks.”

Probably you are also wondering were the name Boss Yala came from and what it means, well the dancehall chanter said Y.A.L.A is an abbreviation for You Always Live Again, “tichikurawo taingoda kuitawo maboss.”

After Seh Calaz dropped  Bakasa who had been a long time friend and his manager, the Zimdancehall fratenity suggested that the two no longer see eye to eye because of some rumored incidences that made him decide to drop him as his manager. Seh Calaz dismissed these rumors saying he is still in touch with his former manager and are still friends, “ndezvebasa,” Seh Calaz also took the time to introduce his new manager, whom he claims is also a boss, Tawanda Sundawo.

You can listen to the full 17min long interview below or HERE:

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