Can ‘Internet Distro’ of Music Produce The Next Winky D?

When we picked on latest tunes from Winky D or Dadza D or Sniper Storm or Culture Kid and the whole crew back then it was not through the Internet like these days, those days Internet was for the most affluent only or for businesses.

We relied on ‘Street Distro’ [street distribution] to send us the latest tunes via bluetooth, we had brothers making money off street cd burning, some even had offices for this. Latest tracks from Jamaica would be all over the streets in a few weeks, sharing was effective via bluetooth.

However not effective as today, the way technology changed everything is just amazing, who could have imagined in a matter of seconds over a thousand people would already have access to the latest from Winky D or Popcaan all the way from Jamaica?

Our very own Street Distro has been rendered useless, WhatsApp is just a click away, just join a group and you are good to go. Music no longer goes from street to street, it goes from one WhatsApp chat group to another. Its a whole new world.

My question is this: Is Internet distribution as effective as street distribution in producing another household name like Winky D?

This sounds like a stupid question right? Because obvious Internet wins, its the better way, its faster and everyone [okay almost everyone] is on WhatsApp, right?

But how much good has the new Internet Distro done yet? A lot I know, we have other new names like Dobba Don, they made it in the Internet age!

The good the Internet Distro has done is give almost everyone a chance to be heard. This also resulted in the negative which I am about to lay out or you.

Internet Distribution caused us to shut the door for other new names. As easy as you would thought Internet was going to make it easy to make your music heard, it has actually done the opposite in some cases.

Why? Why would I say that? Let me tell you, I joined a few groups sometime and set my phone on auto download since I do reviews of songs on this site. After a few weeks my 2GB memory card was full, I never had listened to all the songs and I decided to give it a plug and select the ones that needed the boot out so I can get a few more.

What happened was, (sorry some great artists out there) I listened to a few tracks (about 80) and then wiped the whole damn card. I think local producers are some of the most cruel people on earth. How would you allow someone to record something like that and master it and say here is your track dude, go and conquer the world?

The Internet has given other people hope in music who are not supposed to. I am not trying to kill anyone’s dreams, you want to know why most people no longer download or click on your links to SendSpace? Its the Internet’s fault!

We are just sick of downloading songs we are never gonna listen to. NO! We are done. Thats why we are just looking for a Winky D or Killer T title to download, because dudes never disappoint us.

Good musician who rely on the Internet to distribute their music have been doomed by the bad ones that came before!

In the street distro days we didn’t have a lot of music to listen to, but its just different now. We have a lot of collection from international to local, dancehall to whatever, we don’t have time to #SupportLocal we support good music. Music is supposed to entertain me, if it don’t f*ck it, I have a big library.

So What Now For Some Good Artists Out There!

We don’t want the legacy of Zimdancehall to end with only Winky D, NO! We need more. What you should do if you are good and you know you are good, is do what others don’t. WhatsApp groups are exhausted, there may be over 200 people in a group, but trust me 80% are just waiting for a hit form a well known artist.

If you are well known, you are in luck, you made your name. If you are not, start taking music as your business, its Museyamwa competing with TM. I want to tell you all the f*kn strategies in my head now, but I just thought I need another blog post for this. You are not doomed, there is a lot you can do.

Don’t copy what Winky D is doing, he already made his name, we are looking for him not the other way round. But for you, you need to look for us and make us like you. What are you gonna do?

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