Quiz: Are You A Real Zimdancehall Fan? Take This Quizz

If you think you are a real Zimbabwean dancehall fan and know a thing or two, take this quiz. Lets see if you are indeed that fan you say you are!


What is Soul Jah Love's real name?

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When was Winky D's 'Ndiri Rasta' released?

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Which artist won the most at Zimdancehall Awards 2016?

Batanai - Zimdancehall
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Which song is Darula's?

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Who is Seh Calaz engaged to?

Seh Calaz Facebook
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Are You A Real Zimdancehall Fan?
pfff! Some fan there!
Stop dreaming, you are not even a fan! Your score (nah, you got zero!) is very embarrassing for someone who call themselves a fan! Please take some time to learn the game, you need to visit this site (Zimdancehall Insider) more often!
You were almost a fan!
It seems like you were lucky, your result is just after zero! I wouldnt call you a fan, but at least you know something.
You are a fan!
Congrats! You are a Zimdancehall fan, you definitely know something about the music you listen to. Keep on reading and learn more!
Hats off, You are a Super fan!

You nailed all the questions, that tells me something, you love learning things about your music. I bet you are a fan of this site (Zimdancehall Insider). Keep on reading, we love you!

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