Winky D and Other Celebs Congratulate Jah Prayzah on Winning MAMA

Its a very proud moment for the Zimbabwean music industry right now!

For the first time a local artist has bagged the MAMA (MTV Africa Music Awards) award back home and its not just any award, its the Listeners’ Choice award, the award that says ‘even Africa agrees!

Congratulations have been poring for the talented star Jah Prayzah after winning the prestigious award at an event that was held in Johannesburg last night!

Though the artist didn’t attend the event, he explained to H-Metro that he wasnt expecting to win and was on stage when he received the news.

“To me the nomination was enough and I was not even dreaming of winning the award. Truly speaking it came as a surprise but I am very happy and I feel honoured,” Jah Prayzah told H-Metro.

“I was informed of the news while on stage and it became a celebratory performance. I want to thank my fans and all stakeholders for the support. This is a message out there that we can make it as Zimbabweans,” he added.

Among the local celebs congratulating him was one of Zimdancehall’s best Winky D, who was also nominated for an international award.

Winky D

Hope Masike

Trevor Dongo


Gilmore Tee


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