Kudos to the quality but where is the creativity?

I think its safe to say that Zimbabwean music videos are coming out of the stone age century they were stark in. I was one of the people who were crying for such a time.

Our artists have realized that Zimbabwe is not enough, they are going for the Global band! To conquer the globe you need muscle, quality HD videos have become the new symbol of strength among artists lately. From Freeman to Killer T who was scorned by his fan base for releasing poor quality videos, this year with videos like Bvunza Tinzwe he has shown that he will not be left by the train taking off.

But ladies and gents my question this day is, is it enough. Is a good quality video enough for a dancehall artist? Let me stress this again, I am really grateful that our artists are waking up to the new reality and realizing the importance of high quality videos, and thank heavens for Trace Africa (you know what I mean :-)). However, I have also been saddened by the way these videos are shaping up. We are taking the cliché narrative of a quality video, ‘sell the dream!‘ A ‘sell the dream’ is a video concept whereby directors are just selling fantasies and no substance.

Dancehall was born in the slums of Jamaica as a way to tell the suffering and give hope to the masses.

All the videos can now be summed up by one description, throw some models in sexy outfits, show big cars, large mansions, planes if you can and a few dancers. This is a great concept trust me, only until its over done!
Dancehall was born in the slums of Jamaica as a way to tell the suffering and give hope to the masses. It is supposed to be music that uplifts the suffering. I know its not possible for all dancehall songs to be positive and I am glad! But why not make some videos telling the ghetto story in the same great quality?

Why not make videos that someone who does not understand the language can relate to. Its sad that when we choose to move forward we just throw away every quality we had before. We are getting tired of seeing videos that tell no story but sell a fantasy! Where is the creativity?
I love the fantasy, yes, but it would be awesome to see some creativity showing in the video. The way Jah Prayzah used to do with videos like Eriza, before the Chekeche season? Creativity in videos should not die because when it does we end up selling the western kind of life to a southern fan base. I rest my case..

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