Introducing DISCOVER

When I started this website as Zimdancehall Insider almost three years ago the vision was to showcase some of the finest acts in Zimdancehall and probably help push some of our artists beyond our borders. As you can see that was a pretty ambitious vision.

At that time I was so broke but I tried so much to bootstrap with what I had and the site took off. This should tell you that I also hoped creating this site would help me financially. I was to realise later that, it was only just a dream. Google Adsense (our advertising platform) doesnt pay as much for Zimbabwean views than it does for European or American views, you have to be a Newsday to make meaningful income out of it (or not?)

This is not what I really want to talk about here, but its going to help whats coming.

The reason I have really continued with this website is simply passion.

Over the years, I have interacted with a number of people, Zimdancehall celebs and fans, but trust me its not easy to convince some of our Zimdancehall artists to care about you, when you are just a blog and they are not going to see their face in the newspaper! But some are really cool and they treat you just like a real newspaper when you engage them, which makes it worth it!

Getting to my story of DISCOVER!

Zimdancehall is becoming too difficult to keep up with that I have come to discover that people don’t care about keeping up with it anymore. No, people now care more about keeping up with a few artists at a time. The rest become background players who have one almost popular song every year.

It is becoming more difficult for some talented young artists to enter the scene. Note that I said talented, I am sure that not everyone that sings deserves to enter the scene, we have a lot of chancerz in the industry. People who are trying their lucky even though they are not really good at it.

DancehallAfrika DISCOVER is our new program to offer help to some of the talented dancehall artists in ways we can. Which is not much really, I will not promise that a feature on this blog will give your career the lifting it needed, no. What we are looking to do is give you a searchable profile, a reference for your work.

This site has done well over the years in terms of ranking for Zimdancehall searches on Google. That means if you have your profile on our site, it becomes possible for someone to search your name on Google and have meaningful results.

We will also try to promote our discover section to promoters so that when they search for artists to help promote, they also take a look at it.

In the years I have worked this blog, I have discovered that patience is one of the most important thing if you want to make your career meaningful. As an artist you also need to reflect on your work, if you are not a Soul Jah Love sometimes you are going to need to work a little extra hard and trust me that is a good thing.

All these years you are failing, you are actually perfecting your work and preparing yourself to be a better artist than most.

Its not always about the money, because to tell you the truth if all great singers we have right now cared for money all the way, we wouldn’t be having such great music to listen to.

Like I told you before, I have been sponsoring this blog myself because I am passionate about blogging and sharing music. Now I also want to see great artists who haven’t been discovered before taking a chance together with me.

If you are interested please click this link or go to THIS IS FREE!! I urge you to upload your music on SoundCloud before and use the links to fill in the form.

If you cant do that, you can email me with your details on [email protected] or WhatsApp +263738431093 just be patient with me on App, I may be busy but I reply everyone.

You can also share this post with anyone who might be interested, if you received this from someone else, just know they BELIEVE IN YOU!

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