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Yes ladies and gentlemen, Zimbabwe’s King of Dancehall meets THE King of Dancehall for a match nobody saw coming!

A few days ago the Dancehall Igwe, Winky D announced that he will be dropping a new single featuring Jamaican artists Beenie Man, everybody got excited waiting for the fresh single. Only to be hit with a brand new video from the two Kings of different worlds!

Now we’ve got to rewind a little bit. A few months ago in August of this year Winky D performed on a Beenie Man show in Zimbabwe, a show which caused noise after for what some might say the wrong reasons. Some local newspapers started pointing at the fact that Winky D managed to outshine Beenie, a debate which led some to say Winky D was now far better than the King himself.


Was there bad blood now between the two chanters? I think its safe to say not a lot of people saw this collaboration coming. After Beenie Man was humiliated in the form of bad press after such a show, many would think he was done with Zim-dancehall. But Alas!

King Beenie has managed to show he is fully behind the Zimbabwean born genre as he collaborates with one of our own.

Winky D ft Beenie Man – My Woman video.

According to the Bigman, the My Woman video “adds to the narrative of the urban hustle for survival through looking at its interface with the institution of marriage.

In the video the two dancehall gurus also get a moment in a scene where they share liquor. You can watch the video and download the song below.





  • Maxwell Jere
    Maxwell Jere


  • Will Penisera
    Will Penisera


  • Kanzama Tee Takunda
    Kanzama Tee Takunda

    big tune

  • Ashworth Makaza
    Ashworth Makaza

    Gafa futi

  • Romeo Mukandawire
    Romeo Mukandawire


  • Shumba Tawanda
    Shumba Tawanda

    Gafa igafa boiz

  • Emmanuel Hove
    Emmanuel Hove


  • Adonis Chagwavaya
    Adonis Chagwavaya

    Gaffer forever

  • Takudzwa Chakwana
    Takudzwa Chakwana


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