Winky D Singles Dwarfed by Jah Prayzah’s ‘Kutonga Kwaro’

Its a weird comparison, but that’s whats on the ground!

Even though Winky D and Jah Prayzah sing two different genres, here in Zimbabwe we know that when they release songs they are usually played back to back, especially this time of the year, when we are approaching the festive season.

However, recent political events have challenged the norm in the music industry. With Jah Prayzah coming on top of the rest after the military took over the government last week, his recent album ‘Kutonga Kwaro’ has become synonymous with the current change of power.

Its not a secret that next year’s National Arts and Merit Awards (NAMA), where we had gotten used to see Winky D neck to neck with the ‘Ndini Ndamubata‘ singer will be a whole lot different. In fact before the events some were already speculating that Jah Prayzah will have to face Jah Love’s ‘Pamamonya Ipapo‘ for song of the year.

Winky D in the shadows.

Madrinks Mucup‘ wasn’t much of a hit as expected. Although it went up high on local radio charts, Winky’s single, marketed as a party banger has been left out of many DJs’ playlists as they opted for much hyped songs like Jah Prayzah’s ‘Kutonga Kwaro‘.

His other single which has been debated by some to contain political meaning, ‘Dzemudanga‘ is still finding its way even after almost a month in circulation!

This year its safe to say the Bigman as Winky D is affectionately known by his fans has failed to maintained his high standards as a party starter. Some have blamed this on his continued use of the same style through his songs. “Winky anowanza kushandisa skiri one pamasong, ndoproblem,” one of our readers added.

However, his video for ‘My Women‘ featuring international star Beenie Man seems to be doing okay, having garnered over 220, 000 views (as of writing) on YouTube, although compared to Jah Prayzah’s videos featuring regional stars such as Yemi Alade have already surpassed a million views, however dropped earlier.


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