Winky D’s New ‘Alter Ego’ Explained

Winky D will be launching a new album at International Conference Centre on February 2, the album’s title ‘Gombwe’ has been a mystery to many fans who have been wondering since the day it was announced last year if it has any meaning and if it will replace the Gafa title?

Winky has proved to be an energetic performer who has joined the list of top musicians working with promoters of the moment 2Kings Entertainment.

The promotions company is working with Winky D in launching his new album titled “Gombwe”. And the title of the album is of notable interest. Winky D has created an array of confusing alter egos which have now pigeon-holed him into a music demagogy along the way calling himself Bigman, Ninja President, Pharoah and Gafa. Gombwe is an addition to these titles.

“If you want to know what Gombwe is, please go and check in the dictionary,” he said. A quick perusal in a Shona dictionary defines Gombwe as a Zimbabwean name often given to a baby boy. The meaning of Gombwe in Shona is guardian spirit especially of a tribe.

“I am moving with the times, if I remain stagnant I die,” he said. The musician’s dressing has also been influenced by the crown he would be wearing at a certain point in life.

During his Bigman days, Winky D used to wear a big belt inscribed “bigman”. Then came the Ninja President times when he used to adorn that martial arts attire. He adopted the Kandura, a special type of the Arab dressing when he used to call himself the Pharoah. Are we going to see Winky D in animal skin since he has adopted the moniker Gombwe – a Shona spirit medium?

“I cannot divulge that, people will have a glimpse of my dressing when they come for the album launch on February 2,” he said.

Source: The Herald


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