Ninja Kabhidha Claims ‘Seh Calaz Diss Destroyed My Career’ As Winky’s Side Neglected Him

Ninja Kabhidha in a tell all moment on Zifm Stereo claimed that Winky D’s Vigilance Team neglected him when he jumped into a lyrical war with Seh Calaz.

Chitungwiza based Zim-dancehall artist Ronald Saliran popularly known as Ninja Kabhidha told Abisher Palmer on Zifm that his career suffered when he engaged Seh Calaz in lyrical war. Kabhidha claimed that the Vigilance Side comprising Winky D, Layaan and Banda decided to disown the youngster because of the reason which later on caused him to suffer lack of support.

You know Zimdancehall, when there are ten shows in a year, seven are in Mbare, but in Mbare they don’t want to see me and were throwing cans at me saying go back to your (vigilance) side,“* the youngster narrated the events that took place after dissing Mbare bred Seh Calaz.

When he came into the spotlight a few years ago Kabhidha was tipped as the young Ninja president following his allegiance to Winky D’s (aka Ninja Prezident) Vigilance Side camp. However, things have not turned well for the artist as most of his songs have flown unnoticed and the support he enjoyed at first started to dry out.

Winky D has long been accused by many fans for neglected other young talents. The same story can be told for Ninja Lipsy who also came into the spotlight after her song with Winky D Taitirana/First Sight took off. She was also tipped as the First Lady of the Vigilance Side, but support for her from the camp has since dried out too and her career is also on the ropes.

Both of them were also not invited to take part at Winky D’s Gombwe album launch.

Beating at Equation Studios

Kabhinda also claimed that he was buttered while working at Equation Studios but received little support from his camp at the Vigilance Side, “I was beaten and made a phone call to Layaan but the only thing I was told was, ‘have you reported to the police?'”*

You can listen to the interview below or click here.

*quotes have been edited from Shona


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