Mistake or Not? Soul Jah Love Drops Controversial ED Pfee Track!

“Ndozvatinoita, tinoenda kurikuenda mhepo,” is the closing statement on Soul Jah Love’s brand new track which is a dedication to Zimbabwean current president Mr. Emerson Mnangagwa who is facing an election petition challenging his presidency from MDC-A President Adv Chamisa.

The track has crossed heads as it has become an endorsement of Mnangagwa who is less popular among most of Soul Jah Love’s fans especially in Harare which widely voted for Chamisa in the just ended Presidential elections.

Chibaba as he is popularly known has been on a Zanu PF cheering team even since Mr. Mugabe’s time. As someone who grew up facing the challenges caused by Zanu PF mismanagement of the economy some would expect Jah Love to walk on a path like Winky D did on the Parliament song and call out the authority responsible to give the youths a chance.

What do you think about Soul Jah Love’s latest track titled E.D Pfee?

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