DISCOVER: Malawi Based Dancehall Star, Sir Jent Kago

African dancehall is still rising in recognition around the world and to show how much potential can be unleashed in the genre we showcase Malawi born artist Sir Jent Kago.


Born Orlando Gonani, Kago started doing music in early 2010 while he was still in primary school. He describes himself as a person who grew up around music, which inspired him to kick start his career.

Sir Jent Kago who is based in Lilongwe is part of a Reggae/Dancehall outfit known as Mabilinganya Empire.


The artist is currently working on his mixtape titled Changes. With two singles which you can stream below already out.

Star Bwai

Pon Di Beat

The artist also shared an exclusive on a new single titled Anali Abale, which talks of friends becoming enemies due to changes in financial status.Watch out for the new single coming out anytime soon.


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