Poll: Zimdancehall Still Relevant?

In the early 2000s a new genre emerged in Zimbabwe, competing with the rise of another new genre in the same country labelled Urban Grooves was Zimdancehall. A localised version of the Jamaican born sound of Dancehall.

In the first years of the genre it seemed like the ghetto youth couldnt get enough of it. Even though radio refused to play most of the tracks in the early days, the ‘street distro‘ made sure it hit everyone, either via bluetooth, pirated cds or play in public transport. It went on to take over Urban Grooves a genre that had backing from one of the top ministers.

Anyway, we have been playing this genre, a lot of artist came and a lot went. Where are we with this genre? Do you still think its still relevant. Do you prefer the old dancehall to the new sound? Is relevancy getting involved in politics? Let us know by casting your precious vote below!

Is Zimdancehall Still Relevant In Your View?


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