The Zimbabwean dancehall legend Winky D appeared on the first episode of Coke Studio that aired last Saturday on ZBCtv. We have the scoop here.

Watch the video below of the Bigman doing a cover for Desculpa a song by Mozambican artist Messias Maricoa.

Winky D had the following to say about his Coke Studio experience:

“It’s really a great experience, I get to meet and exchange ideas with people from different backgrounds, genres, cultures and vibe.
Coke Studio Africa is a good platform for the interaction and integration of different music industries in Africa; I also learnt how the different music fraternities are faring in their regions.’’

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Blaq Konqar

The dancehall Igwe Winky D keeps on giving. After dropping a Hip Hop fused single titled Paper Bag, the Bigman is back with a fresh singled titled ‘Kasong Kejecha’.

Kasong Kejecha follows Winky D’s increasing voice and commentary in the political and economic situation affecting many young Zimbabweans. Kudira Jecha has become a popular phrase among Zimbabweans and is used as a metaphor to show how plans can be ruined. Kudira jecha is Shona phrase meaning to pour sand.

You can stream and download the free mp3 track using the links below.



Zimbabwean dancehall legend Winky D has dropped a fresh single titled ‘Paper Bag’. You can stream and download the track for free with the link below.

The single is Winky D’s tap into the hip hop industry as he introduces a new trap sound. The song is poised to be competing for spotlight also among local hip hop fans and as we all know Winky D is a force to reckon with.

Only time will tell if the dancehall Igwe will also be counted among hip hop legends. Watch the catchy brand new video below.


Malawi dancehall artist who was recently featured on our Discover edition has dropped a fresh single titled Anali Abale.

According to the artist, the song talks about best friends who turn enemies after one becomes rich. “Its a song based on those relationships that change due to financial status of the other one.”

Stream and download the song below.

Saturday 29 September was seen as a day that would prove who is king of crowd pulling between Mbare born chanters Soul Jah Love and Seh Calaz.

The two announced the same date for their albums launch events. Seh Calaz was dropping his ‘Ndaqatumwa‘ album at Shawasha grounds in Mbare with a free event titled Sadaka part 2, while his rival Soul Jah Love was also dropping his album ‘Naka Dhula Dhaka‘, an album titled after a term he coined as a short for ‘Zvinonaka zvinodhura, zvinodhaka‘ shona term in lose meaning nice things are expensive and can get you high. Some have went on to say it is a form of substance that gets you high and is expensive. His album was launched at Takashinga Sports Club in Highfields.

The crown for crowd pulling went to the King of Disses, Boss Yala as Seh Calaz is affectionately known by his fans. However his show was made free of entrance compared to Soul Jah Love’s which costed $5 for a general admission.

Soul Jah Love’s event was also marred with flaws which became clear when he failed to appear on time to take his set leaving fans frustrated. This resulted in some rowdy characters throwing cans at some youngsters performing.

Chibaba as Soul Jah Love is also known later appeared to take the stage aroung 2am. Chanting a few of his old songs before dropping some tunes from his new album.

Songs from his new album ‘Naka Dhula Dhaka’ were not received well by some of his fan base who were seen leaving the crowd as he performed his new tracks.

Seh Calaz on the other side was having a blast performing some of his old hits while also taking a jab at Soul Jah Love. He also complained about some of his haters trying to sabotage his event by alerting officials of the cholera hazard associated with hosting such an event.

So at the end of the day Seh Calaz managed to pull a crowd compared to Soul Jah Love but more because it was free than anything. It still remains to be seen who the actual crowd puller is when they host events at par with the other!

African dancehall is still rising in recognition around the world and to show how much potential can be unleashed in the genre we showcase Malawi born artist Sir Jent Kago.


Born Orlando Gonani, Kago started doing music in early 2010 while he was still in primary school. He describes himself as a person who grew up around music, which inspired him to kick start his career.

Sir Jent Kago who is based in Lilongwe is part of a Reggae/Dancehall outfit known as Mabilinganya Empire.


The artist is currently working on his mixtape titled Changes. With two singles which you can stream below already out.

Star Bwai

Pon Di Beat

The artist also shared an exclusive on a new single titled Anali Abale, which talks of friends becoming enemies due to changes in financial status.Watch out for the new single coming out anytime soon.


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