African dancehall is still rising in recognition around the world and to show how much potential can be unleashed in the genre we showcase Malawi born artist Sir Jent Kago.


Born Orlando Gonani, Kago started doing music in early 2010 while he was still in primary school. He describes himself as a person who grew up around music, which inspired him to kick start his career.

Sir Jent Kago who is based in Lilongwe is part of a Reggae/Dancehall outfit known as Mabilinganya Empire.


The artist is currently working on his mixtape titled Changes. With two singles which you can stream below already out.

Star Bwai

Pon Di Beat

The artist also shared an exclusive on a new single titled Anali Abale, which talks of friends becoming enemies due to changes in financial status.Watch out for the new single coming out anytime soon.


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Ghanaian artiste, Gemini has described Shatta Wale as a fake artiste and a hypocrite, who says pretends to want unity among Ghanaian musicians but always does the opposite always.

Gemini tweeted that, Shatta Wale would always be preaching about unity and the ‘support your own’ mantra but would not support any artiste like he always says. Recounting an experience, Gemini revealed how Shatta Wale refused to show up for the video shoot for his song ‘Dromo’ which also had EL on it.

Gemini’s tweet comes after Shatta Wale blasted Sarkodie in a radio interview on Hitz Fm, that Sarkodie never shot a music video for their ‘Megye Wo Girl’ banger even when he (Wale) had made persistent calls on Sarkodie several times, but was quick to go shoot one when he featured a Nigerian artiste on his song.

Shatta Wale had created an impression that, Sarkodie loves Nigerians more than his own and it even resulted in a Twitter ‘war’ as his fans attacked him on the network

Now Gemini has also confessed how a hypocrite Shatta Wale is and he tweeted; ” I agree. @shattawalegh would be all vocal about ‘unity’ amongst artistes but would turn around and do a song with you but not show up for the video shoot like he did for my song “DROMO” with him and EL. Many others I know of as well. That’s a FAKE if you asked me. He-too-FAKE!!”

  • Source  GhanaWeb

Everybody had fun at this year’s S Concert which took place at Ohene Djan Sports Stadium on December 1 but one man who “probably” didn’t have fun was Shatta Wale’s Bodyguard.

Shatta Wale who performed at the S-Concert slapped his bodyguard for trying to protect him from his “over-excited” fan who climbed on to the stage to touch his leg.

The Bodyguard’s Mask fell off after the BiG slap…he jumped off stage few minutes after receiving the slap.

Watch the Video Below:


‘I’ll continue to serve Shatta Wale’ – slapped bodyguard speaks!

The bodyguard who got slapped by Shatta Wale, Biggie Sparta has spoken about the slap he received from the SM Boss during the S Concert.

According to the bodyguard, people will not understand the love he has for Shatta Wale and that even if he slaps him severally, he will continue to be loyal to Shatta Wale.

He indicated that he will be with Shatta Wale until his life is over and he will never sell out his boss saying “if Shatta Wale has slapped me is it your ears?”.

He indicated that it was just a stunt to give bloggers and the entire country something to talk about and they have achieved their aim.

Shatta Wale slapped Biggie Sparta while he was performing on the S Concert stage on Friday. The slap generated loads of discussions with people calling for an apology for the bodyguard from Shatta Wale.

Source: GhanaWeb

Burna Boy might be in for a long while if he is found guilty of the allegations made by the police.

According to the police, Burna Boy masterminded the attack on Mr 2Kay in his room at Eko Hotels & Suites.

Burna Boy has not yet honoured the invitation of the police for questioning even though the singer’s rep put out a statement yesterday claiming the opposite.

If Burna Boy is officially charged with robbery and found guilty in the court of law, he could serve up to 21 years in prison.

According to the Lagos State Criminal Law 2011. Sections 294 and 295, anyone who steals anything and uses threat of force or actual force to ensure that, he is said to be guilty of robbery. And shall be sent to jail for a period not less than 21 years” Akinyemi Ayinoluwa, a lawyer of High Tower Lawyers tells Pulse.

“It appears Burna was not at the venue at all. But the law in Section 297 deals with conspiracy to commit the offence

“That means if you gave information, or mobilised, made payment or facilitated the act, you are guilty of the principal offence as those who committed the actual offence” he further says.

No official charges have been pressed yet and the Nigerian Police is still investigating the claims made by the suspects that they were contracted by Burna Boy and his road manager to assault Mr 2Kay.


One of the most hard working musicians of our time Shatta Wale the Dancehall King has done what he’s best known for again.

In 2015, the dancehall act released close to a 100 songs and in 2016 he broke his own record by releasing 107 songs.

2017 has not ended but he has again broken his 2016 record by releasing 108 songs within the space of 11 months from January to November and from the look of things the chef is still in the kitchen cooking.

He has bagged a number of awards in 2017 which shows he’s doing remarkably well and has also released his cloud 9 album.

See all the songs compiled by Benisah Saviour below:

1 RealBadman- Prod.DjPerf(Dea

2 MyGuy (prod.Willies beat)

3 GoMad ft 77(prod.WilliesBeat)

4 StrongMan

5 Rapture. (Prod.BrainyBeats)

6 Fufui

7 SoSad (prod.WilliesBeat)

8 GangsterNoDeyCallPolice (prod.Damaker)

9 ShattaPolice (prod.Damaker)

10 Hasanna ft Burnaboy(prod.Damaker)

11 TheOrder(Damaker)

12 Saturday night (prod.Da maker)

13 OMG (DaMaker)

14 GethoStar ft AddiSelf(DaMaker)

15 YouChop(DaMaker)

16 LifeChanger (Prod. Willis beats)

17 Dangote(prod.DaMaker)

18 Umbrella(ProdDaMaker)

19 Kasoa (Prod.NotNice)

20 Aplanke (prod.B2)

21 SkinPain (prod.Willies)

22 SayFi (Yaa pono diss) (Prod.DaMaker)

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23 Likes (Prod.DaMaker)

24 OneManKiller Iwan&RM diss(prod.DaMaker)

25 OpenAndClose (prod. Wilisbeats)

26 MayaaTra ft PopeSkiny(prod.Willies)

27 I run Ghana (prod.DaMaker)

28 Ayooo (Prod.Possigee)

29 Am blessed(WilisBeatz)

30 Comfortable Lead (Prod.DjPerf)

31 TakingOver ft 77,AddiSef,Captan(prod. Willis beat)

32 Dem Confuse (prod.Shawers)

33 Inna Dancehall (Prod.SilverBirds)

34 London girls (prod.B2)

35 Caan stop me (prod.Tanzanite riddim)

36 Bumper (WillisBeats)

37 Allo ft Kwaw kese(willisBeatz)

38 Adwoa ft Pope skinny (Prd Monies Beat)

39 The Paper (prod Monies Beat)

40 You shock me (prd Willis Beats)

41 Low Tempo ft Michy ( prd Monies beats)

42 Real Monster (Da Maker)

43. Stop Talk (Prod. Nektunez )

44 Bleed and Run (prd Da Maker)

45 Victoria ft Duke D2 (prd Da Maker)

46 Forgetti ft Militants x Pope x Natty Lee (Prd Willis Beats)

47 Maxwell Adam Mahama (Tribute) (Prd DaMaker)

48 Ma Chargie (Prod MOG)

49 Dancehall Girl (prod. Epik Music group)

50 Level (prod. Pee on da Beat)

51 These Times (Progress Riddim)

52 Go shordy ft Michy x Majesty (Keena gh)

53 Shut up ft Pope Skinny (prod. B2)

54 Magazine Release (prod. Da maker)

55 Tamale (Prod. Mog beats)

56 Bag a Money (prod. Zack Ariyah)

57 4lyf Mi seh (prod. Da maker)

58 Penalty (prod. Willis beats)

59 BulletProof (prod. Willis Beatz)

60 Waitti (prod. Mog beats)

61 Its My Life ft Sarkodie (prod.shawers)

62 Control Ghana ft Militants (Addi x captan) (Da Maker)

63 Fool Is The last to Know (prod YGF)

64 More Glory (prod. DJ Hubby)

65 My Queen ft Aidonia (prod.)

66 Haters ft Mr Eazi (Prod. Zimbabwe)

67 Hater Gone (Mastered by Da maker)

68 Get Rich (prod. Good Good)

69 FUCKING (prod Mog beats)

70 Black Friday (prod. Mog beats)

71 I Try (prod Willis Beatz)

72 Dance baby (prod Damage Music)

73 paparazzi Chill (prod Keena Gh)

74 Duna (prod. Da maker)

75 Ghamro (Leaked) (prod. Shawers)

76 Ashaiman (prod. Shawers)

77 Mkportor kportor (prod No Joke Record)


79 If Its a Game (prod. Cobby)

80 Gangster Check MEDLEY ft Militants (Addi x captan) (prod. Da maker)

81 Freedom (prod. Willis beats)

82 Stop Land guard (prod. Willis beats)

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83 Birthday skits (prod. Da maker)

CLOUD 9 ALBUM 6 TRACKS (Mastered by Da maker)
84 Just Make Money

85 Grow Bad

86 Shit is Lit

87 Feel So Stupid

88 My Frenz

89 Never Plan For This

90 See Da fool (prod. Willis beats)

91 Nobody go Talk (prod. Keena Gh)

92 Starbwoy (prod. Da maker)

93 Rado Rado (prod. MOG BEATS)

94 Handle It (prod. Possigee)

95 Korle Bu (prod. BeatBoss)

96 Wo Trumu Korr (Obour x Music Industry Diss) (prod. Smokey)

97 World Record (prod. Money Beat)

98 Diamond (prod. MOG BEATS)

99 Oh Ghana (prod. YoungKid Royal)

100 shame on You (TicTac Diss) (prod. Shawers)

101 Disaster (Wizkid Diss) (prod. Willis Beatz)

102 Dancehall Landlord (Timaya x Patoranking Diss) (prod. Da Maker)

103 Patoranking (Patoranking Diss) (prod. Da maker)

104 Oluwa is My Boss (prod. Willis Beats)

105 Satan Company (Samini Diss) (prod. Willis)

106 Timaya (Timaya Diss) (prod. Mog beats)

107 Ina Mi Corner ft Addi x captan x Rysto (prod sampled Popcaaan Riddim)

108 Neighborhood hero (prod. Shawers) 6th