Alkaline drops an almost ten minutes short film for his song ‘After All’. In the video Alkaline is part of a gang which is under investigation. The video also shows explicit scenes of Alkaline with a women who warns him of a problem in the form of an agent investigating the gang. The video then ends in a shootout as the gang go after the ‘sellout’ agent.

You can watch the Jay Will directed video below:

The Vendetta boss isn’t worrying about the charts as he says in the new single titled Impact. Produced at Sego Don Records the new Alkaline song talks about how he has made an impact:

Me nuh really worry bout di chats
Me nuh worry ’bout some likkle man weh a try diss weh soon lost
Wha’ you see a wha’ you get, not a façade
Always create moments, we never live inna di past

From me likkle me a say, anytime me get in, me haffi lef’ an impact
(Impact, impact)