Hello there DancehallAfrica fans. Hope you are having a great year, if not, hang in there!

Firstly, I would like to thank you for depending on us to give you the fresh update on Dancehall music in Africa. Speaking of fresh, I would also like to apologize for being off lately, the past year I will admit we didnt manage to be on our feet as usual, but well!

If you are interested in helping update this site, I would be glad if you let me know.

Anyway, 2019 is here and I’m here to talk about the changes you can expect.

Firstly, you can see that the domain has changed from dancehallafrika.com to this new one dancehallafrica.co (check your address bar). Thats right! This is in line with the image we want to bring out in 2019 and beyond. So please remember to type dancehallafrica.co in the address bar next time instead of the old one.

Do not worry all the content you love has been moved along and is now accessible from this address!

Another change you are going to see immediately is the theme of the site, we will be changing the look and feel of this site too, in order to make navigation easier for you.

Finally I will say this, new content is coming. I hope to be doing things in a whole new way this season. We’ll be partnering with different media partners and hoping to take this thing INTERNATIONAL babyy!

So keep your eyes on the look, cause this year is going to be better than any other. Thanks and keep going!

Blaq Konqar

Hello dear friends,

First of all let me thank you for being part of this new revolution we have called Zimdancehall Insider for the past two years! You support is greatly appreciated!

This is a scheduled announcement to let you know of our latest developments.

Zimdancehall Insider is now DancehallAfrika.

We have changed our name and website address from zimdancehallinsider.com to dancehallafrika.com. This will not affect any of your favorite content previously held on our old site, everything has been moved carefully to this new domain.

From now on, prepare yourself for more content as we cover the rest of Africa and more!

However, we will not change our focus on Zimdancehall news, music and video updates because we know thats what most of our fans come here for.

This change is in line with our vision to grow every year and acquire a broader audience.

We are not the only ones benefiting here. You do too. With a bigger audience we will be able to source more quality content for you, it means more reliability from us.

We are also looking forward to bringing you video coverage of our news, look forward to that too. Its high time.

We at DancehallAfrika are really excited about the new direction we are heading towards and we hope to see you more often on your favorite dancehall news site!

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