Dobba Don was undoubtedly one of the few people that came out shining at the Shooting Stars concert that was held a few weeks ago at the Long Cheng Plaza.

Why, you ask? Because Demarco gave reference to the star alongside Kinnah. You can watch the video below (warning poor sound).

Dobba Don also gave one of the best performance at the the night. Demarco born Collin Demar Edwards was in Harare for his Shooting Stars tour where he performed alongside other local artists.

If you weren’t there to witness Dobba performing, worry not. He has dropped a vernacular tune titled ‘KwaDemmarco’ in which he narrates what took place.

In reference to how the fans were enjoying his act, the 45,45 artist sang, “mangoma ndaivarovera kunge hoko.., vaingoona ndichi dhomoka.”

Listen below:




Popcaan and Mavado and Demarco have been throwing jabs at each other in the recent weeks, Popcaan calling Mavado Dutty Dread and on the other hand Mavado calling Popcaan and Demarco midget and King Kong!

Now Blak Ryno who had a long time beef with Popcaan a few years back that led to a messy Sting contest dropped a song dissing all of them, titled ‘Weh Dem A Say

“Tell me weh dem a do weh sting never do” chants the deejay in the new song produced by Jay-Crazie Records.

Listen to Weh Dem A Say below

Jamaican artists have just declared war on each other, Popcaan dropped a diss for Mavado, titled World Cup, Mavado responded with Dem Run Eeen on the other hand Demarco dropped a Mavado and Alkaline diss track and Mavado responded.

Mavado drops bomb on Popcaan

After Popcaan dropped World Cup in which he sang ‘Wi nuh know bout league, cause we name World Cup’which fans took as a direct jab at the ‘Big League’ deejay Mavado.

Mavado responded with a song titled ‘Dem Run Eeen’ in which he called Popcaan and Demarco midget and King Kong, “Tell eeh midget, tell eeh King Kong” the deejay sang.



Mavado attacked Demarco for dropping a diss song directed to him and Alkaline a few weeks ago.

Popcaan calls Mavado ‘Dutty Dread’ 

Popcaan in a track titled Dutty Dread, allegedly tells Mavado “Y him fi get fi sing about underpants.

Listen below:

And the war is still on as Mavado is rumored to have a new diss track attcking both Popcaan and Vybz Kartel in the card, previewed by Foota Hype at his weekly party Galis Wednesday and judging from the crowds reaction you can tell it will be a banger.

“Go fi dem … Like da little pu*** deh weh try rise against the done inno / Well anything a anything the war start them fi know where them stand inno / Portmore say fi step past the father and go murder the son inno,” Mavado sings.

Who are you running with in this feud, Team Poppy or Team Vado or Team Demarco?

The streets are talking about Demarco’s hard-hitting new single, ‘We Run The World’, which straight up disses Mavado and Alkaline for throwing shade at the World Boss Vybz Kartel on their track, Dead To Mi. Foota Hype dropped the song to massive forwards on Wednesday night, just hours after it was recorded.

First the intro appears to mock Mavado: ‘bout run the place, yu nu see say dem run weh!’

Then Demarco deejays: ….three ah dem a fall, so bawl fi timber, pussy! a why yu start it?/wah yu sing fah?!

The chorus: we run the world, whole ah oonu wussa dead to me, whole ah oonu wussa dead to me (everyday), so gwaan carry on like a dead pulley, mek mi shun a clip inna yu head fully(dead)

hey p*ssy, whole ah oonu wussa dead to dem (all a dem)…so gwaan carry on like a breath pulley, mek mi shub a clip inna yu head fully.

In the second verse, he pays homage to Vybz Kartel with a World Boss-like flow when he spits menacingly: ‘mi no tek diss dawg, anno CD drive, rifle inna the five when yu see mi drive, when casket a close, anno three Levys, Ray Charles, mi no see these guys!!’