Dobba Don was undoubtedly one of the few people that came out shining at the Shooting Stars concert that was held a few weeks ago at the Long Cheng Plaza.

Why, you ask? Because Demarco gave reference to the star alongside Kinnah. You can watch the video below (warning poor sound).

Dobba Don also gave one of the best performance at the the night. Demarco born Collin Demar Edwards was in Harare for his Shooting Stars tour where he performed alongside other local artists.

If you weren’t there to witness Dobba performing, worry not. He has dropped a vernacular tune titled ‘KwaDemmarco’ in which he narrates what took place.

In reference to how the fans were enjoying his act, the 45,45 artist sang, “mangoma ndaivarovera kunge hoko.., vaingoona ndichi dhomoka.”

Listen below:




The Tropical Dancehall feel is moving into Africa and Zimbabwe is not waiting as Tamy, the new girl who has taken Zim by surprise (although she’s been singing since she was twelve), teams up with one of dancehall’s best Dobba Don and Hiphop’s finest Takura on a new track titled #BeautifulNdozvandiri.

This is the same sound the likes of Major Lazer and Naughty Boy are embracing in the States, its dancehall with a new twist. You can stream it below:




She dropped another hit opening up the year with ‘Mari Mari‘ featuring dancehall chanter Soul Jah Love now she is on another move to shut down the year with a new banger ‘Varidzi VePattern’ featuring yet another rising local dancehall star Dobba Don.

It seems Queen Vee is not a lady to settle for anything less. Her video with Chibaba is also doing great with over 200,000 views already [check it here].

The new hit was produced by Oskid and premiered Friday on Star FM. Download it below and judge for yourself!



The story about Zimdancehall artist Dobba Don being arrested has been circulating all over WhatsApp with an attachment from a local daily news paper H-Metro which is the popular home for scandalous news.

The story alleged that a cellphone thief claiming to be Zimdancehall artist, Dobba Don was arrested but instead the paper went on to use picture of Dobba Don to represent the story. Which I think got most of the Zimdancehall fans lost into which is which.

dobba-don hmetro
Dobba Don Hmetro article

Some went on to claim that it was the real Dobba Don arrested and the paper was suggesting that he is just a thief and not a real Zimdancehall artist. Forgetting how the man represented through out last year with hits like Mudendere.

Dobba Don took to his facebook to explain the misunderstanding Waguan Jah people. Been getting a lot of queries over this press article but trust me say l have not been arrested. Current settings… UK on tour mashing up dancehall music,wrote the chanter who is currently in the UK for the Summer Fiesta with other local Dancehall artist including Seh Calaz, Soul Jah Love and Killer T.

The chanter went on to clarify that this was just an imposter, “This story is about a bad mind imposter who was claiming to be me.