Stream and download the full album from Zimbabwean tv personality-cum-zimdancehall artist Oscar Pambuka titled Hukama.

Oscar Pambuka had been awarded the Zimdancehall patron since 2013, but this year the popular newscaster has gone another step to become fully involved in the music scene. Releasing songs with some top Zimdancehall artists like Kinnah.

The new album which has been titled after the popular song ‘Hukama’ featuring Kinnah is full of collaborations. Some of the artists featuring include, Mad Kudaso, Equation, Sharksman and Empress Massina. Some of the song titles are Hukama, Yambiro, Ndezvepasi Pano, Kutemwa Nemusoro, Varikuti Pullo, Kushande Handimire, Summer Time, Nhongonya, Usacheme and more.

Stream and download below:




On his track Moyo Wangu Blot threw a few lyrics that sent the Zimdancehall fraternity into a frenzy that hasn’t settled.

On the song produced by Fire Kings, the young dancehall singer introduced his song as ‘Mr Mbare Vanyowani‘ (the new Mr. Mbare) which was seen by many as a direct challenge to Kinnah. For years Kinnah has been known as the Mr. Mbare and has stood ground to maintain that title.

If you are a true fan of the local Zimbabwean genre you would know how important these titles are to these artists, for example everyone knows Killer T is the Chairman, Shaddy is Mr. Magoo, even though Chibaba has been used as a general term, there is only one Chibaba in Zimdancehall, that is Soul Jah Love.

That’s why it was a shock to hear Blot call himself that. “I was surprised to hear that Blot now calls himself Mr. Mbare, I was given the title by the people, who gave Blot that name?” asked the Mbare based Kinnah in an interview with H-Metro.

So today’s task is simply ladies and gents, who deserve the title Mr. Mbare, Blot or Kinnah, vote using the poll below and invite others, this poll will close after two weeks.



Download Kinnah Mr Mbare’s brand new offering titled Mukuru Ndimambo for free here!


  1. Mukuru Ndimambo
  2. Ishe Mukukunda
  3. Tinorwa Hondo
  4. Musombo
  5. Zvakagara Zvakanyorwa
  6. Usandisiye
  7. Pavanofara
  8. Nzira yedu
  9. Rwakanaka Rudo
  10. Takasimba Semudhuri
  11. Vachera Mbeva
  12. Wakandida ndirirovha
  13. Vanozama



Ghetto Vs Ghetto is the sting of the upcoming. Last hosted by Mama Red Rose in 2013 where we saw the Mbare crew, Kinnah, Soul Jah Love and Seh Calaz walking away with the crown of the best Ghetto in Zimdancehall.

The second addition is coming and its even bigger as Mama Red Rose pointed out, this time its not only Harare but all Ghettos are welcome. Chanters from as far as Victoria Falls, Bindura, Kadoma, Kwekwe, Norton, Chegutu and Marondera have already made enquiries and some have already registered with the event organisers.

The clash will go down on 6 August at the Glamis Arena starting at 6 pm. Artists will be clashing for three titles, Best Ghetto where chanters are supposed to be throwing their best lines. The winner will walk away with $1000 prize plus a trophy and a recording contract. While the second and third runner ups will walk away with $500 plus recording contract and $250 plus recording contract respectively. They will be recording under the Red Rose label.

Another clash will be for the best clarkers in the Clarks Contest. Here groups which make it into the top three will share a package worth US$500 amongst themselves.

Producers are also expected to be clashing it out in the Riddim Contest for the best Riddim. Here the overall winner scoops uS$500 plus a trophy while the first and second finalist stands a chance to win US$250 and US$100 prize money respectively.

Soul Jah Love
Soul Jah Love, winners of the 2013 Ghetto VS Ghetto

Registration In Progress

“Registration for the series is well on course and interested artistes can [come], we are back after three years and we felt it was [our] responsibility to support the movement I started and registration is already underway at our offices.” said Mama Red Rose, the event promoter.

The registration is open to all “underground chanters” who need exposure. Forms for registration are available at Red Rose hair salons in Harare for a fee of $5 each.

The past winners Kinnah, Seh Calaz and Jah Luv are expected to grace the event.

Just when we thought Platinum Prince was closing the dissing chapter, it seems like thats never gonna happen especially on fellow artist Kinnah.

Kinnah has been on the radar of most Zimdancehall artists and fans for being too scruffy, he has been compared to Jamaican dancehall artist Gully Bop. But one loud artist among them has been Platinum Prince. Platinum has dissed the artist from the way he intros his song, Seh de ma go dis claiming its not real Patois to the way he dress.

This time, he laid a subliminal diss on his new single on the Hospot Riddim a collaboration between Aya T of Hot Property and Levels of ChillSpot Recordz. The song titled Ndeip Magi (Magi as in short for an offensive name Magirazi used on people who were spectacles). In the song he rants about a girl ‘aizvi feeler’ 

Kasi urihanzvadzi yaKinnah, kuita kunge Katarina, kusada kutamba neZINWA, hoo zviya itsvina! – sings Platinum Prince

You can see in the lyrics above Platinum Prince tries to connect Kinnah to this girl, ‘Kasi uri hanzvadzi yaKinnah (are you Kinnah’s sister)’, it is a known fact that if one ask your relation to someone, you must have something in common. In this case Platinum lays it down, ‘Kusada kutamba neZINWA’ a statement meaning a person who does not enjoy bathing!

Platinum Prince has been involved in a lot of controversial songs including one which seemed to mock President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, in a song titled Ndeip Baba Bona.

You can download the song below and listen for yourself, tell us what you think!