Vybz Kartel says his opponent Mavado died twice and Alkaline is a “fish” in his new diss track “Last One.”

The track was produced by Kartel’s go to producer TJ Records and saw the incarcerated deejay dropping more punchlines against Mavado and Alkaline.

“Last One” is a response to Mavado’s new diss track “Mr. Dead” where the Gullyside singjay went hard after his longtime nemesis with punchlines about smashing Vybz Kartel’s girlfriend and taking over his home turf in Portmore.

“Him a di only somebody wa dead two times / Two nine stuck in a yo two eye / Yo no bad yo too lie / True mi a block the road two side / Watch the little fool slide … Yo want done status, true mi mek yo damn famous,” the incarcerated deejay rhyme over a dancehall beat.

The response on social media for Vybz Kartel new diss track has been mixed among dancehall fans. While the track received rave reviews from Gaza massive fanbase, some other quarters of dancehall calling it weak and giving Mavado the upper hand in the revived Gully/Gaza beef.

Listen to the track below and share your thoughts in comments.


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Mavado seems to be trying to revoke Vybz Kartel Portmore citizenship in his new gritty diss track “Mr. Dead.”

We got a heads up that the Gully God and Alkaline would be dropping a response to Vybz Kartel’s “Round Corna” diss track by this weekend. This track is only from Mavado and was produced by Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor, who himself is no fan of Kartel following a bitter fallout a few years ago.

“Any step wah yo step a must be the warder a step / headless body when the brawla a step / So mi kill off the f** left the Gaza a fret / Place take over mi buy him kids them ice cream,” Mavado deejays while dropping some bars about Vybz Kartel life in prison.

“Them no bad a pon them cell a tell say Kartel a batty man in a number two cell,” Mavado deejays in another line. The song also include a clip from radio personality/poet Mutabaruka reading a letter from Vybz Kartel about authorities searching cell block number two where he is housed at the prison.

Listen to Mavado new single “Mr. Dead (Vybz Kartel)” below.

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It’s finally here!

Four days after Mavado official reignited the Gaza/Gully war, Vybz Kartel has answered Mavado’s “Brawla” with fire track “Round Corna”.

The self-proclaimed ‘Worl Boss’ took to social media to upload the introduction of the gritty single on Sunday with him saying, “Dawg how him seh him bad and is a gal kill him (Kartel laughs), when will they learn dem cyaa win?.”


Incarcerated Dancehall superstar Vybz Kartel has previewed the track last night hyping up the much anticipated Mavado counteraction.


The Gully versus Gaza feud between Dancehall artistes Mavado and Vybz Kartel has been reignited after over five years and it seems like it’s far from over.

Exactly one week ago the incarcerated Dancehall superstar dropped a diss track produced by TJ records aimed at Mavado titled ‘Step’ seemingly defending the ‘Unruly Boss’ Popcaan who was recently feuding with the ‘Big League’ deejay.

On Wednesday the ‘Gully Gad’ released a diss track of his own produced by JA Productions titled ‘Brawla.’


However while Vybz Kartel is yet to release another single as yet, the self-proclaimed ‘Worl Boss’ took to his official Instagram account to update his bio to make a cryptic post addressing Mavado’s reply, “HIM ANSA?? SO HOLD ON…HIM ALIVE YOW!? OK..AFTER 5 NOW, MA MEK DRIVE NOW. #GAZA”

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Just when the lyrical war between Poppy and Vado was getting interesting, the Unruly Boss calls it quits (well sort of!)

After dropping a slew of disses aimed at the Gully Gad in the past month, Popcaan surprised his fans after posting on Instagram what seemed to be a call for truce! In the post he apologized to his fans for “All The language That [He] Been Using In [his] And mavado lyrical #battle

The part that really got us thinking the Unruly Boss is done with the battle is when he said, “bless up mavado #Wayup” What bless Mavado? So the war must be over, right? Things were just getting interesting, but well all things just have to come to an end, right?

Maybe Mavado is not ready to end the battle or is he going for ‘King Kong‘ now? MMMmmm lets wait and see shall we?


It seems the war between Dancehall deejays Mavado and Popcaan will not be ending anytime soon!

The two have been dropping diss songs calling each other. Fresh on the list are ‘Funeral’ a Popcaan diss and ‘Slaughtahouse Style’ a Mavado diss you can stream below.

What better way to know who is winning than asking the fans, rate your favorite tune below.

Popcaan – Slaughtahouse Style listen below:


Mavado – Funeral listen below:

Popcaan and Mavado and Demarco have been throwing jabs at each other in the recent weeks, Popcaan calling Mavado Dutty Dread and on the other hand Mavado calling Popcaan and Demarco midget and King Kong!

Now Blak Ryno who had a long time beef with Popcaan a few years back that led to a messy Sting contest dropped a song dissing all of them, titled ‘Weh Dem A Say

“Tell me weh dem a do weh sting never do” chants the deejay in the new song produced by Jay-Crazie Records.

Listen to Weh Dem A Say below

Jamaican artists have just declared war on each other, Popcaan dropped a diss for Mavado, titled World Cup, Mavado responded with Dem Run Eeen on the other hand Demarco dropped a Mavado and Alkaline diss track and Mavado responded.

Mavado drops bomb on Popcaan

After Popcaan dropped World Cup in which he sang ‘Wi nuh know bout league, cause we name World Cup’which fans took as a direct jab at the ‘Big League’ deejay Mavado.

Mavado responded with a song titled ‘Dem Run Eeen’ in which he called Popcaan and Demarco midget and King Kong, “Tell eeh midget, tell eeh King Kong” the deejay sang.



Mavado attacked Demarco for dropping a diss song directed to him and Alkaline a few weeks ago.

Popcaan calls Mavado ‘Dutty Dread’ 

Popcaan in a track titled Dutty Dread, allegedly tells Mavado “Y him fi get fi sing about underpants.

Listen below:

And the war is still on as Mavado is rumored to have a new diss track attcking both Popcaan and Vybz Kartel in the card, previewed by Foota Hype at his weekly party Galis Wednesday and judging from the crowds reaction you can tell it will be a banger.

“Go fi dem … Like da little pu*** deh weh try rise against the done inno / Well anything a anything the war start them fi know where them stand inno / Portmore say fi step past the father and go murder the son inno,” Mavado sings.

Who are you running with in this feud, Team Poppy or Team Vado or Team Demarco?