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A week ago the dancehall Igwe, Winky D dropped his most anticipated album of 2016 which is titled ‘Gafa Futi.’ This is Winky D first album in a long time to receive a sizable number of negative reviews from some of his loyal fans.

But guess what, they have found the reason (or rather an excuse) to why the album may not be performing to Winky D’s standards. The reason why this year’s offering from the Gafa is rated below last year’s hits like ‘Disappear’ is Oskid.

Yes you read that right! The fans are now blaming the producer Prince ‘Oskid’ Tapfuma who single handedly produced most of the songs on the album. According to one fan who wrote in a Facebook comment, the uniformity of beats from Oskid made the album boring, “Winky D is good lyrically, mfana Oskid ndiye akazongoridza one beat pamasong ese,” they wrote.

check one of the comments
check one of the comments

A few days before the album dropped, Oskid and Winky D had a fallout after the former reported to a local newspaper that Winky D had breached contract by removing his tags on all the song (those ‘Oskid Productions’ tags). One is left to wonder if the productive aura between the two had been affected before the fallout, leading to the producer screwing up with the deejays album (just speculation of course).

Some fans have went on to advice Winky D to ditch the local producers and go for ‘more international recognised’ producers.

Oskid is also the man behind the Bigman’s hit song ‘Disappear’ which was no doubt an international hit which managed to top international radio charts like the BBC Xtra1 DNA charts. He is also the one behind some of Jah Prayzah’s album ‘Mudhara Vachauya’ and also did a Zora tune with Zhakata.

As diversified as the producer is some fans claim his beats are now becoming more predictable and big artists should start seeking other different talents.

Even though I think Oskid is far from over as a producer, artists should try to seek different producers and not let one producer do the whole album, now Oskid is being blamed for it!




Award-winning producer Oskid, real name Prince Tapfuma (pictured right) could be overwhelmed by the sudden success in his career.

Double bookings, not turning up for scheduled sessions and treating some big names as sacred cows at the expense of other paying artists all point at the man behind many hits in the past year’s rapidly rising egoistic tendencies which could threaten his career.

The double standards have riled upcoming artists, especially those who claim their work is being sabotaged. This includes his old friend Wilton Doba who has penned a song to “redress” the demeanor.

In a song titled Hazvipere Mushe, Doba, popularly known as Legion recounts how he helped Oskid long back when they were in Gweru and while it did not sit well with the latter, Legion’s camp insists it is not a diss track, but a mere reminder of the past.

Speaking to The Standard Style through his manager Ngonidzashe, “DJ Krispi” Madziwana, Doba — who recently moved to Harare — said Oskid should not demean efforts by others because he has achieved greatly.

“We are all in this thing [music] to make business and make hits, so if we focus on certain artists and shun others we are killing music or Zimdancehall as a whole,” he said.

“Unity is the key to all great movements, so let us all come together and be one because Zimdancehall is one clan, but a lot of artists cry foul about his pride and conduct.”

Another artist, who declined to be named for fear of jeopardizing projects with the famed producer, said unprofessionalism was now killing his career and his ship was steering in the wrong direction.

“He has pride now. I admit that he is a great producer and I respect him, but such unprofessional conduct is going to destroy him,” he said.

“I paid him a long time ago despite his exorbitant charges, but still he has not finished my work yet all the time there are excuses and he does not pick our calls. There are always stories and first preference is given to those he views as better musicians.”

Efforts to get a comment from Oskid were fruitless as he was not answering calls.

It is alleged that he said he was now only recording “big names.”

“Handirekodhe maghetto youths ndorekodha mazita. [I do not record artists from the ghetto anymore, but ‘big names’ in the industry),” Oskid is purported to have said recently.

Early this year, the producer was dragged into another fracas where foreign-based singer Vee Kay claimed he had connived with Fungisai Mashavave to “steal” a song titled Amai Ndakanaka.

The Gweru-bred artist, however, emphatically refuted the claims, citing that she was not even responsible for producing Mashavave’s version.

Oskid short to prominence when every song he put his hands on turned into gold, hence earning him recognition and a bag full of accolades.

This resulted in him attracting both established and rising musicians across the board.

Report first appeared on TheStandard

As we reported earlier on, a Holland based Zimbabwean artist known as Vee Kay was threatening to sue Oskid and Fungisai for stealing her song Ndakanaka which she claimed Fungisai remixed to Amai Ndakanaka Amai.

The Oskid production team has come forward to deny claims by the artist, saying they were “deeply disturbed by the calibre of these accusations, which are aimed to have a negative impact on [Oskid’s] professionalism, code of conduct and business and brand identity.”

The press release statement made it clear that Oskid did not produce the song for Fungisai as alleged by Vee Kay but “another production house under producer named PTK was tasked to produce the song in subject.” It also claimed that both the songs by the two artists are different and clearly have “listeners from two different perspectives.”

You can read the full Press Statement below:

In light of the statements made against our client Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma and the Oskid Production brand, over the past few days regarding the #NdakanakaScandal. Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma and ‪#‎TeamOskid‬ would like to use this platform to convey that our client Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma is deeply disturbed by the calibre of these accusations, which are aimed to have a negative impact on his professionalism, code of conduct and business and brand identity. We further state that these accusations are littered with sensationalist distortions and misleading correlations.
Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma was commissioned to produce a song by Vimbai “Vee Kay” Zimuto titled Ndakanaka, and did so as per Vimbai Zimuto’s brief. Never at any point did Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma or any member of the Oskid Production team leak the song, its body or share any creative concept of her song with Fungisai or any other artist as suggested in the allegations made against Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma and Oskid Production team. All personnel at Oskid Productions abide to a highly confidential and data protection code of conduct for legal and professional reasons and we have safety measures in place to ensure that this code of conduct is not violated.
We would like to state that Oskid Productions are vigorously defending ourselves and detaching Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma and any member of the Oskid Production brand from these allegations and we are not scared of exploring all legal options to clear our name if needed.
For the record, Fungisai only commissioned Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma to produce three records for her just released Huya Uone Zvakuitika EP. Oskid Productions has only production credits to Huya Uone Zvakuitika, Vanondibatirana and Giroriya as per Fungisai’s commission brief. Never did Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma or any member of the Oskid Production team play any part in the writing or production of Fungisai’s Amai Ndakanaka Amai record. As stated by Fungisai in her last press statement via her Facebook page, another production house under producer named PTK was tasked to produce the song in subject, a statement detaching Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma from these allegations.

As for the Vee Kay’s Ndakanaka record Oskid Production were commissioned to produce, Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma and the Oskid Production team are in the process of completing the mastering of the Vee Kay’s record as agreed. As for the statement made to insinuate that Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma and the Oskid Production team did not meet the agreed delivery timeline, at Oskid Production, our mantra is that we that in the race for perfection, there is no finish line. Rushing perfection is not an option for us but we do deliver project as per the agreed timelines. Again we assure you that Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma and the Oskid Production team did not compromise our quality, creativity and professionalism on Vee Kay’s record. As for the allegations made that, Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma went to long lengths to try and avoid Vimbai Zimuti for nearly 3 weeks, must we remind Vee Kay that Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma was out of the country due to other business commitments such as Oskid’s appearance at the UK Zimbabwe Cup Clash in the United Kingdom and the Oskid London Sessions production engagements. Even after returning from the United Kingdom the construction of the new Oskid Productions studios has been priority.
It is our understanding that Fungisai’s version of the Amai Ndakanaka Amai song and Vee Kay’s version of the Ndakanaka song and are of two different genres and aimed two different target demographics. As a music industry experts and aficionados of creativity and talent, we believe that both Fungisai and Vimbai “Vee Kay” Zimuto’s versions of this song title when released will connect to the listeners from two different perspectives and each artists’ message will be delivered accordingly as per the artists’ to vocal delivery and creative styles.
We at Jacaranda Media Group stand by Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma and the Oskid Production team’s professionalism and we look forward to the facts of this case being properly brought to light and our clients name and brand being cleared from these allegations.
In closing, we would like to reassure our existing clients and prospective clients that we still maintain a highly confidential and data protection code of conduct and our reputation and professionalism is still intact. Business is open as usual.

Jacaranda Media Group PR Team/PunchLINE Entertainment (Management)
International Talent Agents for Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma & Oskid Productions.

The popular Gospel artist turned Zimdancehall artist, Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave dropped a Zimdancehall song titled ‘Amai Ndakanaka Amai‘ a few days ago, (sorry if we did’t tell you!) Guess what happened after?

Okay if you couldn’t let me help you, she was snubbed of stealing the song by a Holland based Zimbabwean artist Vimbai Zimuto known as Vee Kay. The artist claims she was the one who did the song and sent it to Oskid for a beat and mastering of the song. She alleges that Oskid took the song and gave it to Fungisai.

In a post on Facebook, Vimbai threatened Fungie and Oskid to ‘lawyer up’. She said the song was already registered, therefore the two have committed copyright infringements, “Hello Fungisai I would like to tell you that this song is mine. I gave it to Oskid to do a beat for it,” she wrote. 

She added that Oskid acted unprofessionally to give the Vanondibatirana hitmaker her song. “Oskid you told me that you are professional but wandipa a good lesson that I will never forget.
“I have all the peoof for all our transactions and emails. I told you this song is already registered. Zvakaoma. Tsvagai malawyer. You need them,” she emphasised.

Vee Kay Comments On Fungie's Video
Vee Kay Comments On Fungie’s Video

However, the controversial Queen, Fungisai now known to others as Empress Fungie could not resist slapping back, she claimed the song was not produced by Oskid, but by PTK after she failed to get hold of the former. “The way I looked flat out for Oskid to produce my Amai Ndakanaka Amai? But he was nowhere to be found, I ended up working with PTK records and I found him up to the task,” she replied.

Fungisai also explained that Amai Ndakanaka was a song taken from the popular child play song with the same name (chill if you don’t know this song, you never played with girls in the 90s), which she beefed up, “Amai ndakanaka was my favorite childhood rhyme which I beefed up my own way from within me to motivate the girl child.” she wote.

Fungie replies to Vee's Comment
Fungie replies to Vee’s Comment

Fungisai promised Vee Kay that no matter what she does she is at peace because God inspired her to write that song.

Oskid is one multi talented producer, who over the times has proved not to be limited to any genre or type of sound. Even though his popularity came from producing dancehall music for artist like Killer T and Winky D, he has also crossed boarders to produce for hits Urban Groovers like Roki and ExQ.

Right now he is still proving his genius with a digital instrument from the late Marshal Munhumumwe’s song. You can watch this video below or Follow this LINK>>

Tafunga Makareee….. Oskid Production Marshal Munhumumwe,,,,It flows in my Veins

Posted by Oskid Prince Tapfuma on Sunday, 3 April 2016

Video Courtesy of Oskid Prince Tapfuma Facebook