Platinum Prince, a young Zimbabwean dancehall artist who is known for his controversial lyrics, from dissing other chanters to calling out former President Mugabe for a beer, has dropped a farewell song to the out going president of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

The song was released after the former Head of State Robert Mugabe resigned as the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe on 21 November 2017 after 37 years in power.

The song titled Ndeipi President (Part 2) is a follow up to the controversial 2015 single of the same title. Following are the lyrics and potential meaning of the song.


Platy Nyanya Mambo Takue/
Platy Ngwarangwanda Dj Beats/
Platy Wemaprati Welly Ozil/
Its Platinum Prince(Ichi)

Ndakati Ndeipi Paya Paya/
Zvikanzi Ndatiza Ndabaya/
Vamwe Vakati Ndashudwa Ndashaya/
Ndauya Nechingoma Che Retire/
Aenda Aenda Haachadzoka/
Aenda Aenda Haachadzoka/
Aenda Aenda Haachadzoka/
Aenda Aenda Haachadzoka/

Verse 1
Tinotenda Mabasa Amakabata/
Asi Pane Chakanaka Hapazoshaye Chakashata/
Izvezvi Ndakunatso Imba Ndichi Shedzera/
AnaAkandi Backer Pasina Kukwata/
Takaita March Muna November/
Zvichireva April Ndi December/
Pamukuisa Jah Prayzah IniniNa Mapfumo/
Musatidhibhe Kohanditi Tirima Memba/
Chizororai Nguva Yenyu Makashanda/
Zvakawanda Zvamakabata/
Zvakanaka Nezvaka Shata/
Muwedzerwe Makore Ekurarama Ndonamata/

Aenda Aenda Haachadzoka/
Aenda Aenda Haachadzoka/
Aenda Aenda Haachadzoka/
Aenda Aenda Haachadzoka/

Verse 2
Asimbondiudzai Nhai Masasi Enyu Momawana Payi/
Pane Pamakazoti Good Nyt/
Nyika Yose Ichida Kunzi GoodBye/
Mukazoti Asante Asane/
Tikanzwa Kunge Mati Andisati Ndasaina/
Tokutendai Nekubvisa Ngochani/
Kusaizwa Nevarungu Kukaita Nani/
Makati Iwe Neni Tine Basa/
Tichienderera Mberi Nekubata Basa/
Asi Ndikweretesei Hushingi Nehundururani Hwekusasa Yamaisasa/
Ah Ndisati Ndakanganwa Nhai Kana Mazopinda Dubai/
Muzomhoresa Amai Mondisendera Reply/

Aenda Aenda Haachadzoka/
Aenda Aenda Haachadzoka/
Aenda Aenda Haachadzoka/
Aenda Aenda Haachadzoka/
Aenda Aenda Haachadzoka/
Aenda Aenda Haachadzoka/
Aenda Aenda Haachadzoka/
Aenda Aenda Haachadzoka/

Hah Ichiiiiii/
Yaa eeh Song Iyi Ndeye Zim Dancehall Waona/
Sir Jack Ndikakunzwai Muchiti Ndeye Politics Kaa/
Stop It Ndogona Kukudonhedzai Mangwana Chaiye Chaiye/
Ichiiii Chakaipaaa Ndururu Ndururani Huuuh/

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The first verse + chorus is a reference to his previous controversial song of the same title, here Platinum talks about how people thought he had been targeted for singing a song that mocked the Head of State, “Ndakati Ndeipi Paya Paya/ Zvikanzi Ndatiza Ndabaya/ Vamwe Vakati Ndashudwa Ndashaya.”

The chorus, “Aenda, aenda, haachadzoke,” translated ‘He is gone, he will not come back’ is a popular verse usually sang on funerals as people bid farewell to their loved ones. Even though Mugabe is not dead, or are we at a funeral, it seems like his presidency has. So here Platinum is saying farewell to President RG Mugabe.

Verse 1, the singer congratulates Mugabe on his job as the President while acknowledging that he had some faults. He also wishes him more years to come.

Verse 2 talks about how Mugabe managed to surprise the whole nation when he ended the much anticipated resignation speech on Sunday 19 Nov, without resigning and ending with a good night, asante sana. He then ends by acknowledging Mugabe’s strong stance against homosexuality and saying he wishes for his courage to continue with his legacy!

Meme after Mugabe ended speech without resigning!

The ever controversial Platinum Prince who has been relatively silent has dropped a new track, which seems like a follow up to Ndeipi President a song that led to speculations some time in 2015 that he had been abducted.

The song titled Ndeipi President Part 2 (Aenda Aenda) is another dedication, albeit this time a farewell to the out going President of Zimbabwe, HE RG Mugabe.

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You can stream and download the new Platinum Prince single below:





The relationship between dancehall artists, Platinum Prince and Quonfuzed is one that many Zimdancehall fans don’t understand and probably won’t ever do.

One minute they are forming a clique (Ndururani) together, the next minute seems like they are fighting and dissing each other. But it seems like its all good here, if the post by Qounfuzed is anything to go by!

Celebrating his partner in crime birthday Qonfuzed wrote, ” He is my brother,my partner in crime,my advisor,my right hand man,my friend and trust me when i say we been there for each other and done it all,talk about standing up for one another and even fighting each others battles,making headlines for the wrong reasons.”

He also laid it straight why they have a strong bond, in case you were wondering, ” (Freedom Of Speech) and the art of (NoFear)” he said

Check it out:

Just when we thought Platinum Prince was closing the dissing chapter, it seems like thats never gonna happen especially on fellow artist Kinnah.

Kinnah has been on the radar of most Zimdancehall artists and fans for being too scruffy, he has been compared to Jamaican dancehall artist Gully Bop. But one loud artist among them has been Platinum Prince. Platinum has dissed the artist from the way he intros his song, Seh de ma go dis claiming its not real Patois to the way he dress.

This time, he laid a subliminal diss on his new single on the Hospot Riddim a collaboration between Aya T of Hot Property and Levels of ChillSpot Recordz. The song titled Ndeip Magi (Magi as in short for an offensive name Magirazi used on people who were spectacles). In the song he rants about a girl ‘aizvi feeler’ 

Kasi urihanzvadzi yaKinnah, kuita kunge Katarina, kusada kutamba neZINWA, hoo zviya itsvina! – sings Platinum Prince

You can see in the lyrics above Platinum Prince tries to connect Kinnah to this girl, ‘Kasi uri hanzvadzi yaKinnah (are you Kinnah’s sister)’, it is a known fact that if one ask your relation to someone, you must have something in common. In this case Platinum lays it down, ‘Kusada kutamba neZINWA’ a statement meaning a person who does not enjoy bathing!

Platinum Prince has been involved in a lot of controversial songs including one which seemed to mock President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, in a song titled Ndeip Baba Bona.

You can download the song below and listen for yourself, tell us what you think!