Popcaan finally drops the Drake collaboration. Since Poppy was featured on Drake’s leaked Controlla which was later replaced by Beenie Man’s vocals, the bond between the two has been getting stronger every time and we still expect more tunes from the two, if our source is anything to go by.

Right now you can enjoy the fresh single from  Notnice Recordz titled Chargie.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: THIS IS NOT AN ORIGINAL SONG. Even though it has made rounds in the dancehall circles our source tell us Popcaan’s camp had nothing to do with this track and Drake’s verse was ripped from Wizkid’s song Come Closer. Its still a good mix though!


It seems the war between Dancehall deejays Mavado and Popcaan will not be ending anytime soon!

The two have been dropping diss songs calling each other. Fresh on the list are ‘Funeral’ a Popcaan diss and ‘Slaughtahouse Style’ a Mavado diss you can stream below.

What better way to know who is winning than asking the fans, rate your favorite tune below.

Popcaan – Slaughtahouse Style listen below:


Mavado – Funeral listen below:

Popcaan and Mavado and Demarco have been throwing jabs at each other in the recent weeks, Popcaan calling Mavado Dutty Dread and on the other hand Mavado calling Popcaan and Demarco midget and King Kong!

Now Blak Ryno who had a long time beef with Popcaan a few years back that led to a messy Sting contest dropped a song dissing all of them, titled ‘Weh Dem A Say

“Tell me weh dem a do weh sting never do” chants the deejay in the new song produced by Jay-Crazie Records.

Listen to Weh Dem A Say below

Jamaican artists have just declared war on each other, Popcaan dropped a diss for Mavado, titled World Cup, Mavado responded with Dem Run Eeen on the other hand Demarco dropped a Mavado and Alkaline diss track and Mavado responded.

Mavado drops bomb on Popcaan

After Popcaan dropped World Cup in which he sang ‘Wi nuh know bout league, cause we name World Cup’which fans took as a direct jab at the ‘Big League’ deejay Mavado.

Mavado responded with a song titled ‘Dem Run Eeen’ in which he called Popcaan and Demarco midget and King Kong, “Tell eeh midget, tell eeh King Kong” the deejay sang.



Mavado attacked Demarco for dropping a diss song directed to him and Alkaline a few weeks ago.

Popcaan calls Mavado ‘Dutty Dread’ 

Popcaan in a track titled Dutty Dread, allegedly tells Mavado “Y him fi get fi sing about underpants.

Listen below:

And the war is still on as Mavado is rumored to have a new diss track attcking both Popcaan and Vybz Kartel in the card, previewed by Foota Hype at his weekly party Galis Wednesday and judging from the crowds reaction you can tell it will be a banger.

“Go fi dem … Like da little pu*** deh weh try rise against the done inno / Well anything a anything the war start them fi know where them stand inno / Portmore say fi step past the father and go murder the son inno,” Mavado sings.

Who are you running with in this feud, Team Poppy or Team Vado or Team Demarco?

Mavado and Popcaan seem to have been taking shots at each other lately.

Popcaan a few weeks ago threw shade at the Gully Gad in a song titled World Cup, in which he challenges Mavado for his song Big League. “Me no know bout league cuz me name world cup / And nuff a them no like how we hotter than thermos / me see it say them don’t like when ghetto youths shell the world up / what them ago do now when the Benz pick them girl up,” Popcaan sang.

Mavado a few days later dropped Go fi Dem in which he rhyme, “A wa do you likkle chicken / You think mi war finger licking / Is a gyal mi use trick him / When time shi hug up and a kiss him / Anyweh wi aim, deh suh shot a kick him / Freak bwoy a you face gyal a sit in / Yeah the fire hot in a the kitchen / Shoot dem fi 3 life pippin.”

Mavado message to Popcaan
Mavado message to Popcaan

In a recent instagram post dancehall artist Mavado aka Gully Gad send warning to Popcaan, telling him to have respect. “Some little artist boy fi know dem bloodclatt self don’t make mi of to get dark because dem know how it will go pussy when you talking about the don have respect like you talking about your mom ahah dem dead to me don’t make it start just know dat”