Seh Calaz collaborates with other Zimdancehall artist including former foe Kabhidha for a fresh mixtape titled The Future. Stream and download here.

A few days after Ninja Kabhidha revealed how Winky D’s camp deserted him after dissing Seh Calaz, the youngster has made a brand new move to distance himself from the Vigilance Side camp by joining forces with the Bandit Boss, Seh Calaz in the new mixtape.

Other features also include Hwindi Prezident, Nutty O, Prosper fi Real, Tipsy, Young Cashlibs and Jamaican Turbulence.








Ever since the hey days of dancehall there were disses, artists like Bounty Killer and Beenie Man from Jamaica thrived on these. In Jamaica, dancehall was actually at peak and commanding the world’s attention during the days of Gully, led by Mavado VS Gaza led by the now incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel. But does the diss culture still matter in the dancehall circles?

Some have branded the Gaza VS Gully a reggae civil war, taking it away from just being a beef between artists but a war between two movements. Jamaica celebrated (and still does) lyrical warfare through shows like Sting were the most controversial rivals of the year face each other as the year ends, on the stage for a show off of superiority!

This culture like most of the Jamaican dancehall cultures have been adopted at home in Africa and Zimbabwe in particular. With the birth of the Zimdancehall genre, a localized form of dancehall by Zimbabwean artists, in the early 2000s saw the rise of disses among the artists of that time.

One such beef that carried weight and was the talk of the time was between Winky D and the late Daddy D, while Winky D was also clashing with King Labash.

This beef resulted in a war lyrically filled songs such as Dead Inna War by Winky D. Winky was later to be crowned King of Zimdancehall at an event held in 2009 at the Harare Gardens.

Even though artists like Winky D seem to have moved on from the ‘diss culture’ young artists who are finding their way into the genre still depend on it to provide theme with relevance.

Seh Calaz is one such artist who gained attention after he became the first radio played chanter to throw shade at Winky D. After releasing a reply to Winky D’s song ‘Mafira Kureva‘ of the same year, 2013, Seh Calaz has become one of the sought after Zimdancehall brands.

Do Disses Still Matter in Dancehall?

I am going to say it depends! Even though Zimdancehall was born at a time when the diss culture was at peak in Jamaica and the world, the impact a beef had those days and today differs.

Back then dancehall was more than just a musical genre, that most dictionaries today still fail to acknowledge, it was a culture. It represented a way of life among the forgotten community of different societies especially coming from the ghetto. Dancehall was born from the Grandfather of most Jamaican genres, Reggae. It quickly became another way to fill the day.

However this trend has reached its peak and is definitely declining. Dancehall is becoming a genre among others. The culture aspect were you could identify a dancehall lover by the way he/she talked, dressed and their playlist is slowly dying.

I remember back in the days my brothers were known for having the best cds, it was before memory cards kids, or whatever technology you have these days, we had a local guy who burned/pirated music and they always picked the best songs for that mp3, and mp3 back then was an audio cd with files! We would exchange these cds and it was part of the culture, songs were debated when we met and he who had the latest was the king!

In this age of WhatsApp and the great internet, songs are easily lost in the sea filled with many other unknown artist files.

The weight a diss would carry those days was far greater than it does now. The fact that songs can easily miss you, the fact that you cant keep up with all the songs dropping each day, the fact that artists no longer have the real power to control conversation and the fact that new camps such as the old Gaza and Gully cant last longer, are all threats to the culture.

Our world is now filled with a lot of information to really care about a diss, the western culture is taking over. The selfie age were time is better spent on Instagram than discussing Platinum Prince‘s latest diss, is the reason disses don’t really matter now.

If a diss doesn’t steer any controversy and cause people to talk it becomes a miss and thats whats happening with most, they are misses.

If it was for little me to give a judgement I would say if a diss is not well calculated, its actually a waste of time. Your audience these days is moving faster than you can drop the next song.

You can still make a career throwing shade at other artists as long as you have the tools to make people talk and you can still be a good artist without a diss record, your choice.

The discussion should not end with a full stop! Comment below with your thoughts on this matter.

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If you are not in the know how at least you are in the luck, I am here to update you. So today 14 October is Seh Calaz birthday bash, the much hyped Sadaka featuring Jamaican star Turbulence which is happening at the Mbare Netball Complex.

The flier which was used to market the event features a lot of other Zimdancehall artists including Soul Jah Love.

Here comes the trouble… Some of the artists on the fliers and posters advertised were not actually booked. For example Soul Jah Love was included according to Seh Calaz’s management as “an act of brotherhood.

The statement released by King George, Seh Calaz’s manager goes on to expose how Seh Calaz has been included on Soul Jah Love’s gigs without consulting his management and “Seh Calaz has been decent enough to attend without even asking for payment.”

I get it Zimdancehall is actually a brotherhood thing, but the way Zimdancehall artists override their managers seems a lot unprofessional the more you look at it. This is probably the reason why artists like Jah Love have been involved in double bookings which ended up hurting the fans who had parted ways with their hard earned dollars.

Seh Calaz’s management was disappointed because Soul Jah Love’s management headed by Ben Nyandoro of Jive Zimbabwe had contacted the Sadaka organizers and threatened them with legal action. It is understandable that one would be shaken off by such a move especially if you had performed at their gigs for free.

Performing for free at another artist’s show is not the problem, we knew this already that its Zimdancehall’s way of helping each other, but as professional artists managers should be part of the process. Now you know why Winky D is never at these birthday bashes, right?

In the full statement below Seh Calaz ended up severing ties with the ‘Pamamonya Ipapo‘ singer telling them, “do not come and in future never consider us for any of your events.”

To Stakeholders & Fans

We would like to inform all stakeholders and especially fans that Soul Jah Love will not perform at the Sadaka Birthday Bash slated for this Saturday,October 14th 2017.This is because we have not reached an amicable agreement with the artist.

For the avoidance of doubt,having Soul Jah Love on the line up was an act of brotherhood and whatever discussions were neccesary were to be handled by Seh Calaz and Soul Jah Love.Seh Calaz has been on tour to Australia and only arrived yesterday. The two come a long way before the emergence of some overzealous mafikizolo managers.

Soul Jah Love has put Seh Calaz on posters for basically all his launches and birthday bashes without even consulting with Seh Calaz or his management and Seh Calaz has been decent enough to attend without even asking for payment.

It came as a surprise therefore that Soul Jah Love’s management contacted the promoters of the Sadaka bash yesterday with a threat for legal action because Soul Jah Love was on the poster.

While it is obvious they are acting under his instruction , we find this kind of behaviour to be very hypocritical coming from an artist who is known for missing confirmed and booked shows. As they say, a lizard in Zimbabwe can not be a crocodile in London. While trying to portray a semblance of order and pseudo professionalism,we urge his management to clean their house first.It is a public secret that they have not appeared at booked shows and caused violence and vandalism of property as a result. It is against this background that we make this public announcement to avoid any such incidents.

As already alluded to earlier,we can’t count the number of times we have been on their event posters and actually turned up. We do this in the spirit of brotherhood which unfortunately the other side does not want to reciprocate but choose to grandstand for whatever reason.So here is the message to them:Its ok,do not come and in future never consider us for any of your events.We have done our part several times to be good brothers but it seems you think we can do without each other based on your uncouth behaviour and that’s fine with us. The Sadaka bash will go ahead and will be a success all the same.

Issued by King George


Put that mouth holding emoji! Are Jamaican artists becoming more like local artists? I mean Turbulence, the Ghetto Yuts singer has just landed somewhat quietly into the country for a show!

Shocking right, if you haven’t been following Seh Calaz on social media, we are not surprised if you didn’t know.

Turbulence arrived yesterday for Seh Calaz’s birthday bash nicknamed Sadaka. The Jamaican superstar was also in the country this year back in April for a tour that only saw a few attendees and dubbed by some as ‘a flop‘. Which shocked some who had attended his then previous show in 2013.

In 2013 Turbulence who was hosted by Red Rose entertainment caused commotion in the streets of Mbare when he made a surprise visit. Although yesterday’s landing of the dancehall/reggae icon was nothing compared to that of 2013, a few fans showed up to welcome the star.

Mumota Murikubvira remix was a result of that 2013 tour after Turbulence praised Seh Calaz for his vocals. The two ended up remixing his then hit which was well received by the fans.

Seh Calaz’s birthday bash is happening tomorrow 14 October at the Netball Complex featuring a host of others dancehall stars like Killer T, Kinnah, Soul Jah Love, Freeman, Lady Squanda, Celcious, Silent Killer and more and tickets are going for $5 (with these many artists we wonder what Turbulence’s cut looks like).


Seh Calaz has just confirmed that he will be perform in Malawi at the Sunbird Sand Music Festival.

He will be performing alongside a lineup of other international artists including Jamaican reggae icon Sizzla, Congolese technosoukous singer Awilo Longomba

The Sunbird Sand Music Festival is Malawi’s hallmark event that draws together tourists, local people, business, youth, community organizations, media and visitors from all over the World on an annual basis to celebrate the Malawi’s’ s richness, diversity, dynamism and heritage.

This year’s edition will be held from 27th to 29th October at Livingstonia Beach in Salima district.

Seh Calaz is the third international act to be announced for this year’s edition by the organisation that hosts the event. Artists roster usually include other acts from African countries like Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa and Nigeria.

Seh Calaz drops visuals to his controversial track titled ‘Uchabhoikana/Godo‘ in which he seems to be dissing Winky D, in the lyrics that goes “kumirira gore ripere kuti wozoimba (waiting for the year end to drop a song)” This is the second year Winky D has dropped an album at the end of the year.

The chanter also hits at the Censorship Board that labeled his song ‘No Under 18’ as “morally inappropriate” telling them “zvatinoimba ndezvekughetto tatozvijaira (we sing for the ghetto and we are used to it)”

Check out the video for Godo by Seh Calaz aka Boss Yala.

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