“Ndozvatinoita, tinoenda kurikuenda mhepo,” is the closing statement on Soul Jah Love’s brand new track which is a dedication to Zimbabwean current president Mr. Emerson Mnangagwa who is facing an election petition challenging his presidency from MDC-A President Adv Chamisa.

The track has crossed heads as it has become an endorsement of Mnangagwa who is less popular among most of Soul Jah Love’s fans especially in Harare which widely voted for Chamisa in the just ended Presidential elections.

Chibaba as he is popularly known has been on a Zanu PF cheering team even since Mr. Mugabe’s time. As someone who grew up facing the challenges caused by Zanu PF mismanagement of the economy some would expect Jah Love to walk on a path like Winky D did on the Parliament song and call out the authority responsible to give the youths a chance.

What do you think about Soul Jah Love’s latest track titled E.D Pfee?

Yess Queen Vee and SoulJah Luv video for Mari Mari has reached over 100 thousand views on youtube!

Its been less than a week since the video was uploaded on YouTube everyone from Zimbabwe knows its not easy to gain that amount of views in less than a week for local artists. The only other video to have such traction by local urban artists is Mukoko from Ammara Brown and Tytan. So in Zimbabwe it is safe to say these are Adele‘s Hello standards there.

By the time of writing the video had 100,310 views on their official channel, not counting parodies. If you havent checked it out watch it below, or HERE


SoulJah Love is one of the few Zimbabwean Dancehall artists that know how to put on that cloth (jira) and here are 7 pictures that we liked from Chibaba!! [bctt tweet=”Here are 7 pictures that we liked from Chibaba!!” username=”Dancehall263″]

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Pics Source: SoulJah Luv Facebook