This was the song that pulled Nelson Sigauke popularly known as Nembo Bwoy into the main local music scene and not so surprisingly the only hit most people know from the artist. He has other songs like ‘Ndakusiya‘ and ‘Dai‘ that were high back then.

Released back in 2009, ‘Misodzi’ became an anthem for most lovers. It was the time of Urban Grooves, some may argue the song is not dancehall, but Urban Groove is just an umbrella term for all urban genres and Nembo was associated a lot with dancehall it also has a conscious-dancehall feel in it.

Though the artist had been silent for a while, he came back in 2014 with an album titled ‘Usatye’, although many are not aware of it.

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Released in 2013, Ba Fungi was a banger from the Chitungwiza based artist Dhadza D, nicknamed the Fire Colossal. The song was released on the ‘Street Hustling Riddim’ produced by Kritical Beatz one of Chitungwiza’s best producers. This is our Throw Back Tunes of the week.


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Daddy Distress popularly known as Daddy D back then was a Zimdancehall artist, one of the pioneers of the genre in the country, he passed away back in 2009. Before his passing on Daddy D worked as a DJ for Stereo One International, which was arguably one of biggest sound crews in the land.

Daddy D was a long time rival of Winky D. The two always made songs dissing each other, one of the songs which was rumored to have started the beef is Zhing Zhong done by Winky. Badda dan Dem is a song released by the late Daddy D as a diss to the former (Winky D).

Download Badda Dan Dem Here

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Tsaona is the song that introduced D Flex to the mainstream dancehall. Although the song speaks about a tragic event, the way the artist narrated the event is just captivating. It was said that the artist was doing poet as a study thats why he managed to ooze the audience in most of his songs.

The song was released in 2009 on the Jeepmock Riddim produced as a collaborative work by JMP (Jeeperz by then) and Mockery. This is our Throw Back Tune for this week, we hope you still bumping to the groove!


One song that made us believe in Zim-dancehall again. Rumored to have played in some of the top clubs in Jamaica, this was a definite hit from the Bigman, Winky D back in 2010.

Green Like Mi Garden is probably the most successful Patois song sang by any Zimbabwean, we hope you will enjoy and share our Throw Back Tune for this week.

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Winky D and King Shaddy are too legends in the Zim-Dancehall arena and when two legends come together you know what happens. This is our Throw Back Tune for this week, titled Isusu. We hope you enjoy our selection!

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Today our throw back tune is from a Zimdancehall artist who has gone quite these days, perhaps failure to produce a hit song such as Mawaya Waya. Shinsoman was the man with this song. To me Mawaya Waya will always be a hit. Its that kind of a song that just gets you into the right mood. I hope you enjoy our selection this week.
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Today its a Thursday and we just have to Throw Back. 2 Years ago (2013) the Bigman, Winky D released this summer anthem as a track-list for his album, Life Yangu under Vigilance Muzik and produced by Layaan his younger brother. If you still remember it you probably know its a bang right? I know it is.

Song Lyrics
Layaan, BhoBho, Bhudza, Kamaan
Ndozvatinoita Izvi!
Verse One
Lucky ndabata buddie zone
first phone call kudangerzone
kuna doctor na actor ndavati but buddie zone
musazo leakisa prezha kunge ninja zone, Haiwaa
Party yaputika fanenga bhomba raOsama
apa Biggie varikumhanya number remusummer
mazigreen like arigozha muchikwama 
saka tipa vanhu vese, ndokuti summer
Kwinji, ndokuti summer
Bhudza, ndokuti summer
Bhanda, ndokuti summer
Flavour, ndokuti summer
Verse Two
Ndini ndine summer muhomwe,
murikudhinhiwa matsaga asi munoti handione
ndini ndiri kucontrola summer saka nhasi hamupone,
ndinofira kureva saka vechidiki nhasi hamumone,
wakapfeka uniform tora kuvha urove,
zvimoko zvotuhwina pano huya pikicha utore,
varikurwadziwa nestaira nikisi hamupore,
tanenguva tiri muprezha but chipisi haiore,
paprezha hapana off, 
tinogara takadziya tichipisa sechitofu,
kubva paswagger muchando hapana stop,
asingaone zvatinoita ibofu,
Paround rega rega makuvha itwo two,
dzivirira zuva ungabuda mututu,
blaz makachena but muchafira musutu,
parikuda vhesi kudhanzi woti hutu,
Verse Three
Varikutema miti vasungei vachihuri,
kunze kwapisa saka vanhu vakuda mumvuri,
mapikiniki vanhu vachitandara semhuri,
unogona kugaya hatife tapinda June,
party inezvimoko hobho kunge Vainona,
zvinofitwa nemvura fanenga hove yaJonah,
Pokello huya nemkwasha tigare tamuona,
tobva tamufundisa slang yedu yeChishona,
[Verse One]
[Verse Two]