ZIMDANCEHALL artiste, Seh Calaz, was “canned” off the stage by fans on Saturday night at Harare Gardens, bringing the Judgment Yard fourth anniversary to a premature end.

The Mbare-bred chanter, who is popular for “dissing” Winky D, made his entrance on stage with his latest track, Godo, which is largely seen as another “diss” targeted at the Ninja President.

In the track, Seh Calaz’s lyrics imply that his enemies will feel a lot of pain if they die before him and he particularly refers to an artiste who has a habit of releasing songs at the end of year.

Some Zimdanceball fans have interpreted this as an attack on Winky D, who became the man of the year in Zimdancehall after releasing his Gafa Life Kickstape album, which featured the hit song Disappear, in October last year.

Last month, Winky D released his Gafa Futi track, causing a stir in Zimdancehall circles, after which Seh Calaz also released the track Godo.

This appeared to have angered fans who threw missiles on stage as soon as Seh Calaz appeared singing Godo, while accompanied by dancers clad in Nyau regalia.

Seh Calaz attempted to calm down the fans by declaring that he could not be stopped by the cans, but this attracted more missiles, forcing him to leave the stage after hurling obscenities at the fans.

His loyal fans in the VIP area stopped him from leaving the venue before he tried a second entrance, this time with his entourage and loyal fans, but, again, he was canned off the stage.

His parting shot was declaring war against every Zimdancehall artiste.

“I have declared war! No one will sing here. This gig is overpaid,” Seh Calaz said as he left the stage.

Fans then started chanting, “Chibaba, Chibaba,” calling for Soul Jah Love on stage.

The chaos also affected Dobba Don. He was also “canned” off the stage, as he attempted his act after Seh Calaz.

Seh Calaz’s arch-rival, Magikal, braved a few cans to put up a splendid performance before host, King Alfred, escorted the Highfield-based chanter off stage after a round of applause from his fans

Fans were, however, wowed by Winky D’s top class performance as he churned out Panorwadza Moyo.

Upcoming artistes Blot and Silent Killer did not disappoint and were called back on stage by fans as they performed the hits from the Stage Riddim.

Tocky Vibes kept fans on their feet, singing along to a blend of old and new hits.

His performance was exhilarating such that fans called him back on stage to perform his track Mainini.

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The battle for the Africa’s King of Dancehall is far from over.

Today we feature Africa’s best dancehall star in a head to head (song for song) mix to see who has the crown.

The mix features Winky D, one of Zimbabwe’s best dancehall artists, currently holding the title as the King of Dancehall (‘Dancehall Igwe’ as he calls himself). His single ‘Disappear’ has been played in different countries across Africa, with some remixes. It was also featured on BBC Radio 1Xtra where it finished on number one.

In this mix Winky D takes on Ghana’s most prolific dancehall star Shatta Wale who has been referred to by many including Alkaline as the African King of Dancehall. Shatta Wale, whose real name is Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr, has dropped many hits that have crossed continents including “All About The Money (Remix)” with Alkaline and other.

He recently won the award for best dancehall artist at the African Entertainment Awards – USA, Winky D was also nominated for the same award.

Check out the mix below (or click here), we tried to keep it clean with less distractions to allow for your honest judgment. Playing one song after another from each artist. After listening to the audio give us your feedback, who do you think is the African King of Dancehall? (Poll below)


  • Winky D – Disappear
  • Shatta Wale – Dont Be Silly
  • Winky D – Karma
  • Shatta Wale – Chop Kiss
  • Winky D – Gafa Party
  • Shatta Wale – By Force



Its a very proud moment for the Zimbabwean music industry right now!


For the first time a local artist has bagged the MAMA (MTV Africa Music Awards) award back home and its not just any award, its the Listeners’ Choice award, the award that says ‘even Africa agrees!

Congratulations have been poring for the talented star Jah Prayzah after winning the prestigious award at an event that was held in Johannesburg last night!

Though the artist didn’t attend the event, he explained to H-Metro that he wasnt expecting to win and was on stage when he received the news.

“To me the nomination was enough and I was not even dreaming of winning the award. Truly speaking it came as a surprise but I am very happy and I feel honoured,” Jah Prayzah told H-Metro.

“I was informed of the news while on stage and it became a celebratory performance. I want to thank my fans and all stakeholders for the support. This is a message out there that we can make it as Zimbabweans,” he added.

Among the local celebs congratulating him was one of Zimdancehall’s best Winky D, who was also nominated for an international award.

Winky D

Hope Masike

Trevor Dongo


Gilmore Tee

DANCEHALL superstar, Winky D, says it was Oliver Mtukudzi’s idea to sing their duet, Panorwadza Moyo, the way they did.

A lot of people felt that Winky D did not give the legendary musician due time to express himself on the song.

However, Winky D on Wednesday revealed on the 326 Xpress with KVG and Phathisani that he stuck to Tuku’s suggested idea.

“I wrote and recorded this song in 2013 and then I felt it lacked something and put it aside.

“Sometime this year when I was with Layaan, we were listening to Oliver Mtukudzi and discovered he was the perfect person to complete the song.

“We then got hold of him and made him listen to the song and he was impressed.

“We discussed how to go about the song but mdara vakati ita yaunoita ini ndoita yandinoita.

“We stuck to Tuku’s idea because he has more experience and the song actually sounded good after taking his suggestion,” he said.

Winky D also cleared the air on Oskid saying he made a contractual agreement with the latter that stated that he was hired by Vigilance Music.

“I didn’t record at Oskid’s studio; Oskid came to Vigilance Music studios.

“We had a written agreement and the contract stated that Vigilance is hiring Oskid and the music produced belongs to Vigilance Music.

“We credited him on the album cover that he produced the music but then if he wanted to have his tag/signature on my music then that’s a different agreement altogether because that is now advertising.

“If one wants to advertise on my music we have to sit down and have an agreement on what cost that is to be done,” he said.

Winky D also denied any links to illuminati saying he did know the definition to the word.

“I do not know what that word means but I think it could have been derived from the word illuminate which means to enlighten.”

Winky D’s astronomy inspired album cover is something that has not been very clear to masses.

It has several numbers that Winky D said they signal decoding.

He went on to say that he decoded and simplified numbers in to words and came up with the words Gafa Futi and Chi Extraterrestrial.

During the launch of his album on ZiFM last week Thursday, Winky appeared dressed in an alien costume something that amused many.

Talking about the costume, he said:

“Paya ndaitobva ku galaxy so I just came straight to the studio like that but at the end of the day it’s all about art.

“The album is out of this space and is to be understood by generations to come hence the alien costume to resemble that it is out of this world.”

The Gafa could not give answers to anything about his personal life saying that was personal and would need Wallace Chirimuko and not Winky D.

This post first appeared on H-Metro

Excuse us, the story has taken a new twist!

A week ago the dancehall Igwe, Winky D dropped his most anticipated album of 2016 which is titled ‘Gafa Futi.’ This is Winky D first album in a long time to receive a sizable number of negative reviews from some of his loyal fans.

But guess what, they have found the reason (or rather an excuse) to why the album may not be performing to Winky D’s standards. The reason why this year’s offering from the Gafa is rated below last year’s hits like ‘Disappear’ is Oskid.

Yes you read that right! The fans are now blaming the producer Prince ‘Oskid’ Tapfuma who single handedly produced most of the songs on the album. According to one fan who wrote in a Facebook comment, the uniformity of beats from Oskid made the album boring, “Winky D is good lyrically, mfana Oskid ndiye akazongoridza one beat pamasong ese,” they wrote.

check one of the comments
check one of the comments

A few days before the album dropped, Oskid and Winky D had a fallout after the former reported to a local newspaper that Winky D had breached contract by removing his tags on all the song (those ‘Oskid Productions’ tags). One is left to wonder if the productive aura between the two had been affected before the fallout, leading to the producer screwing up with the deejays album (just speculation of course).

Some fans have went on to advice Winky D to ditch the local producers and go for ‘more international recognised’ producers.

Oskid is also the man behind the Bigman’s hit song ‘Disappear’ which was no doubt an international hit which managed to top international radio charts like the BBC Xtra1 DNA charts. He is also the one behind some of Jah Prayzah’s album ‘Mudhara Vachauya’ and also did a Zora tune with Zhakata.

As diversified as the producer is some fans claim his beats are now becoming more predictable and big artists should start seeking other different talents.

Even though I think Oskid is far from over as a producer, artists should try to seek different producers and not let one producer do the whole album, now Oskid is being blamed for it!



Winky D, Gafa recently dropped a brand new album titled ‘Gafa Futi’ which has had fans divided over whether its a hit or a miss.

In August we carried out a survey on what fans of this site ‘Zimdancehall Insider’ thought was the best Zimdancehall album of 2016 ‘so far.’

We included all the albums that were shacking the waves in the Zimdancehall world, ‘Freeman – Mangoma Ihobho’, ‘Killer T – Pari Tricky’, ‘Soul Jah Love – Dai Hupenyu Waitengwa’, ‘Seh Calaz – My Time’, ‘Tocky Vibes – Tirabhuru’ and also offered fans to submit ‘Others.’

In this battle Freeman emerged the winner, with over 35% of all the total voters (you can see the full results below). We collect survey to allow fans to have their say on their music, different from the awards shows were they use a small panel of judge, our results represents what the fans are saying.

The Best Album/Singles of 2016 So Far

671 responses

Freeman – Mangoma Ihobho 239 35.6%
SoulJah Luv – Dai Hupenyu 123 18.3%
Seh Calaz – My Time 64 9.5%
Tocky Vybz – Tirabhuru 61 9.1%
Killer T – Pari Tricky 144 21.5%
Other 40 6%

This means, according to our fans who voted, Freeman had the best album of 2016.

This was before Winky D dropped Gafa Futi! Although this is Winky D’s most criticized album so far, could it still beat Mangoma Ihobho?

Comparing the two albums may seem a little unfair given that Gafa Futi is still fresh and Mangoma Ihobho is almost a year old, we are just curious to know if you still think Mangoma Ihobho is the best album of 2016?

The Poll is Back Again!

Its the top two (Mangoma Ihobho and Pari Tricky) vs Gafa Futi, which is the best album so far?

The most anticipated album was officially launched on Zifm Stereo’s ZiJudgement Yard and we have the full pack for your enjoyment!

Stream and download the full ‘Gafa Futi (Chiextraterrestial)’ album from di Bigman, Winky D here.

  1. Happiest Man DOWNLOAD HERE
  2. 25 ‘Twenty Five’ DOWNLOAD HERE
  3. Bhebhi RaMwari DOWNLOAD HERE
  4. Bob Marley Funeral DOWNLOAD HERE
  6. Extraterrestrial DOWNLOAD HERE
  7. Gafa Party DOWNLOAD HERE
  10. Mwendamberi DOWNLOAD HERE
  11. Photo Life DOWNLOAD HERE
  12. Panorwadza Moyo ft Tuku DOWNLOAD HERE


Stream Below


The track we have all been waiting for is here.

Winky D, a local dancehall star who sometime last year dropped the hit song ‘Disappear‘ that did so well in local charts and also abroad, taking the number 1 spot on the BBC 1Xtra DNA charts, collaborates an all time legend, who is celebrated all over Africa for a brand new song titled ‘Panorwadza Moyo’

The sad song which talks about losing loved ones was produced by Oskid of Oskid Productions, you can stream it or download below:



Dancehall star Wallace Chirimuko popularly known as Winky D collaborated with Oliver Mtukudzi on one track on his forthcoming album.

Although both sides were not willing to confirm the development, sources said the song was done and it will feature on Winky D’s coming album that will be released soon.

“They did a song together that is likely to take the industry by storm. It was recorded in Norton sometime last month,” said the source.

She said Winky D has done his ground work before calling the superstar for collaboration.

“He has done his ground work and even Mtukudzi himself was happy working with the dancehall superstar. It is a must listen song,” she said.

Winky D manager Jonathan Banda said he could not confirm nor deny the development.

“I cannot confirm nor deny that but I would rather talk about Bulawayo performance. It was a splendid performance,” he said.

Pressed further he said there was nothing to talk about.

“There is nothing to say about that issue. Maybe if you ask me why we gave the top notch performance in Bulawayo I can answer,” he said.

Oliver Mtukudzi’s manager Sam Mataure said he has nothing to say referring all questions to Banda.

“Maybe you can talk to Banda he is the one who can answer all your questions. Mtukudzi is an open musician who works with every artist,” he said.

Winky D is said to be at an advanced stage to launch an album. Sources said the album was recorded and finished though his camp is keeping it to their chest.

“They have their reasons to keep it on their chest but the album is done and will be released anytime soon,” she said.

Turning to the album Banda said there were a few issues to be ironed out before the camp announces the date for the launch.

“We will make it public when the time comes. We have few things that we need to sort out before making all the announcements,” he said.

Last year Winky D closed the year with his singles collection Gafa Kicks that had all time hits like “Disappear”.

Source: Herald