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Not to be left out in the current frenzy of a new Head of State, President Mnangagwa is Soul Jah Love who has dedicated a whole song to ‘Garwe/Crocodile’ as the President is known.

The song produced by DKT also serves as a diss to other disgraced Zanu-PF officials such as Chombo and Chihuri, whilst he thanked the army and General Chiwenga for a job well done.

Stream and download Chibaba’s brand new track titled ‘Garwe’.

topemberera kutonga kweGarwe
roita kuti munyika muFarwe
vana vadzoke munyika yedu mugarwe… harife neice cream.



Its a weird comparison, but that’s whats on the ground!

Even though Winky D and Jah Prayzah sing two different genres, here in Zimbabwe we know that when they release songs they are usually played back to back, especially this time of the year, when we are approaching the festive season.

However, recent political events have challenged the norm in the music industry. With Jah Prayzah coming on top of the rest after the military took over the government last week, his recent album ‘Kutonga Kwaro’ has become synonymous with the current change of power.

Its not a secret that next year’s National Arts and Merit Awards (NAMA), where we had gotten used to see Winky D neck to neck with the ‘Ndini Ndamubata‘ singer will be a whole lot different. In fact before the events some were already speculating that Jah Prayzah will have to face Jah Love’s ‘Pamamonya Ipapo‘ for song of the year.

Winky D in the shadows.

Madrinks Mucup‘ wasn’t much of a hit as expected. Although it went up high on local radio charts, Winky’s single, marketed as a party banger has been left out of many DJs’ playlists as they opted for much hyped songs like Jah Prayzah’s ‘Kutonga Kwaro‘.

His other single which has been debated by some to contain political meaning, ‘Dzemudanga‘ is still finding its way even after almost a month in circulation!

This year its safe to say the Bigman as Winky D is affectionately known by his fans has failed to maintained his high standards as a party starter. Some have blamed this on his continued use of the same style through his songs. “Winky anowanza kushandisa skiri one pamasong, ndoproblem,” one of our readers added.

However, his video for ‘My Women‘ featuring international star Beenie Man seems to be doing okay, having garnered over 220, 000 views (as of writing) on YouTube, although compared to Jah Prayzah’s videos featuring regional stars such as Yemi Alade have already surpassed a million views, however dropped earlier.

After waiting for over a year now, the Zimdancehall fraternity has been officially blessed with two singles from the Ninja President, Winky D.

Madrinks Mucup, one of the tracks went viral a few months ago after Winky D performed the song to a live audience. Just like he did last year with 25, the hype for the song went up. Now you get to listen to the full party song.

The other single released by Di Bigman is a song titled Dzemudanga, while some are referring to it as ‘Padzinotungana.’ The song talks about a relationship between two friends and how they solve their disputes.

You can stream and download Madrinks Mucup and Dzemudanga below.

Another single:

In a post titled Gafa State of Nation Address Winky D promised to release another single next week featuring Beenie Man, “the King of the Dancehall will be releasing the much anticipated, rumor mongered, perceived, narrated without due evidence, collaboration with the great King of the Dancehall,the Doctor Beenie Man on the 6th of November, 2017.” He wrote on his Facebook page.

No Album this year!

Despite hopes from many of having an Xmas bonus in the form of an album from Winky D, the Ninja President in his statement promised to drop the album next year 1 February which will ‘coincide with his birthday.’



Is it such a bad idea? Soul Jah Love for the state house? The dancehall chanter will indeed be standing among the greats ‘Pamamonya Ipapo.’

As Zimbabweans are heading to the polls sometime next year a new page has emerged titled ‘Soul Jah Love for President 2018.‘ Yeah when I saw it I was shocked too, wtf is Souljah Love actually vying for the biggest office in the land? Its one of those unthinkable ideas, but surprise surprise, somebody actually did thought of it.

I remember when we were heading towards the 2008 elections and Winky D was the darling of the music industry (surprise: he still is!), he had just dropped songs like Godo which had easily become anthems among the youth, then some people started suggesting that he run for office.

We must be in the same wave with Soul Jah Love here, still shining in the glory of his biggest song of the year, ‘Pamamonya Ipapo‘ some people seem to believe he should run for president. For a person who hasn’t been good at running his own brand seeing as he has been at loggerheads with promoters a lot, the idea of running the country should be terrifying, right?

Well, they say Zimbabwe is a democracy so nothing should stop the dancehall chanter if he chooses to follow the path, well nothing except his age! According to the Zimbabwean constitution (pdf) one should be at least forty years to be elected as president or vice president of the country. Goodbye dreams, Chibaba, born November 22 1989 is only 27!

Its also worth noting that the page already has some 400 likes, but it doesnt seem much political, so maybe its just an idea for fun! Please don’t play with that?!

We have reached out to Soul Jah Love’s management and hope to update this piece, with their piece of information.

Stream and download the full album from Zimbabwean tv personality-cum-zimdancehall artist Oscar Pambuka titled Hukama.

Oscar Pambuka had been awarded the Zimdancehall patron since 2013, but this year the popular newscaster has gone another step to become fully involved in the music scene. Releasing songs with some top Zimdancehall artists like Kinnah.

The new album which has been titled after the popular song ‘Hukama’ featuring Kinnah is full of collaborations. Some of the artists featuring include, Mad Kudaso, Equation, Sharksman and Empress Massina. Some of the song titles are Hukama, Yambiro, Ndezvepasi Pano, Kutemwa Nemusoro, Varikuti Pullo, Kushande Handimire, Summer Time, Nhongonya, Usacheme and more.

Stream and download below: