The party animal, Charly Black was here! Saturday was a big night for Zimbabweans as proven by the numbers that turned up for the show at the Long Cheng Plaza nicknamed ‘Kuma China.’ The show which was organized by Digital One Int. alongside Chipaz Promo was attended by thousands hungry dancehall fans ready to have a feel of the Jamaican deejay Charly Black who is also known as the Party Animal.

Though the night was filled with a lot of different events, Zimbabweans showed their love for dance hall music which has been dominating the music scene. The open space at Long Cheng was filled to capacity.

The party animal gave an awesome performance around mid night that saw the fans singing along to his vibes. It was a bubbling party!!

Tonight the Charly Black African tour goes down in Cape Town at the City Hall where he will be performing amongst a variety of other local Zimbabwean dancehall artist.

Seh Calaz AND SoulJah Love

The artist also include Seh Calaz who has been rival with SoulJah Love for some time now. The two last faced each other on a big show at last year’s Sting which took place in Harare at the City Sports center which did not ended well. Now they are set to take it on at this show.
According to the Event Programme released by Abra one of the promoters of the show. Seh Calaz and SoulJah Love are supposed to perform in what is dubbed as a Unity performance.
Given the lyrical war that has been going on between the two could this be the right time to bring the two together?

Even the fans of the two artists are mostly divided given the war on social media between these alliance. However in the light of an international artist such as Charly Black, the two are likely to give on a great show and put their differences aside.

Recently Winky D buried his beef with Seh Calaz by releasing Mudhara vauya in which he praises the Mabhanditi crew. We just hope the two can do the same and bring out a great collaboration for the industry.
Charly Black is also set to perform in Harare on the 8th of August at the Long Cheng Plaza.

Uuum zvichiri zvinyowani here? The local chanter has faced yet another embarrassing moment as he was taken by the police soon after arriving for a show in Gweru.

Souljah Love popularly known by his fans as ‘√áhibaba’ was supposed to perform at a show which was organised by Chipaz Promotions at Musopero Liquid Launch but failed to make it to the show due to an arrest soon after landing in Gweru.
The chanter was arrested for allegedly damaging property at Mbizo Night Club three weeks ago after a show. Souljah Love has been known to be filled with controversy when it comes to live performance as he does not make it to all of his shows.
This is not his first time to have disappointed his fans. Promoter Partison Chimbodza said that Souljah Love forced his way out of the club, Mbizo Night Club in Kwekwe after the promoter had asked him to perform again after the agreed set of one hour. In a bid to flee he damaged some of the clubs properties, eeeh doors to be on point.
The Gweru Chibaba fans could not let it go as they threw cans and shout ‘√áhibaba’ in demand of the popular chanter. However, Killer T and Winky D saved the show as they were featured. They gave an awesome performance.
Chibaba was later released and has proceeded to his shows in Harare.

Before you go further, take note of the question mark. Most people have been going rounds on the song. Trying to figure out if the song was a diss to Platinum Prince who has not been on good books with Souljah Luv lately.
The first verse of the song is what has sparked the most controversy, read it below:

Tiripa GAZA isu TAKAGEZA totambira dhaza kana ndakutaura zveALUMINIUM ndipo paunouya une PLATINUM kana ukaona tichitengesa simbi dzacho ndipo paunoona kuti ndiri simbi

We could not get a comment from the conquring family on the issue. But the song is better left that way, you be the judge if this was a diss to Platinum Prince or not! Tell us what you think!

 If you havent listened to the song dowload and share the mp3 below.

03:Lady Squanda
04:Mac Madder
05:Guspy W
07:Don Dobba



                                                            Download Here

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Ras Caleb the rascal dread real name Caleb Tereka is a Zimdancehall-reggae artist who rose to fame with the famous ‘tokwe mukosi’ tune. Now he has released a fresh new tune titled “Vaifunga Ndakapiwa (Partial Riddim)”. The song which was produced by Oskid of Kenako Music talks about hard work and labour.
‘Zvikiribidi izvi ndezvaJah Jah izvi.’

Download the song on the link below;

Mudhara Vauya by Winky D

Bvunza chimoko chauinachp
Chirikuda purezha here kana mama
Varikuchida paden na4
Nhasi ipreha naBiggie
Kana kuenda kumba handidi
Vakuru nevadiki
Dhanzi rakufaya mudhara vauya
Ngoma dziye dzonaya mudhara vauya
Auya uya Auya uya
Auya uya Auya uya
Ini ndinotsvagisa vanhu purezha kunge basa
Kufara kusvika vanhu vati tasa
Prezha mahara kunge pasa pasa
Zvimoko zvotambisa muchiuno kwasa kwasa
Zvakunakidza sendahwinha makasa
Inguva yekufara imbomira kusasa
Hunhu hwochema munhu watirasa
Hunhu tichahutora purezha ragasa
Dhanzi rava papeak
Vanhu varikufara samaofficer akandiwa kutraffic
Hona vana vadiki
Kufarisa kwavaita vabate vanga dhudhutsa harpic
Ndabva ndaita weak
Conquering naBounty Lisa vasvika zvava romantic
Zvino toita zvipi
Hauite,Kamaan zvava automatic
Dhanzi rapisa hapachada bias
Batai Sniper musoja gunners
Hanzi wazofaisa dhanzi Wallace
Kufara pachena spark halaz
Pakuda kuchekwa nyama check check Calaz
Zvedaka mafirimu ekare Dallas
Bhobho ita mabhanditi agoche carcass
Hona zvikuitika paNinja palace
Hatidi anokanda mateargas
Kana anoda kuti kenesa fear nhasi
Tiri panyanga kunge driver ane makey ebhazi
Munhu wese ngaafare kunge iwedaz
Kwinje tipa mayutes asiye gas
Ambotanga apedza zvemukirasi
Nekuti kufara hakuna kunzi kunopera nhasi
Kubva Ninja saturday tichiri kufara nhasi