Get your groove on with this week’s selection of videos to watch! We have decided to take the hassle to look for videos to enjoy away from you, I know eight videos are not a lot for a whole week, but its a start, right?

Watch a few of the latest videos released this month and one throw back for you, click the links below.

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  1. Soul Jah Love – Pamamonya Ipapo
  2. Faceless – Bad Gal
  3. Tocky Vibez – Wandimbundira
  4. Sniper Storm – Tsvigiri Muhuchi
  5. Burna Boy – Rock Your Body
  6. Immortal Love Riddim Medley
  7. Jah Prayzah ft Yemi Alade – Nziyo Yerudo
  8. Ninja Kid – Wakanaka (Throw Back)


If you are not in the know how at least you are in the luck, I am here to update you. So today 14 October is Seh Calaz birthday bash, the much hyped Sadaka featuring Jamaican star Turbulence which is happening at the Mbare Netball Complex.

The flier which was used to market the event features a lot of other Zimdancehall artists including Soul Jah Love.

Here comes the trouble… Some of the artists on the fliers and posters advertised were not actually booked. For example Soul Jah Love was included according to Seh Calaz’s management as “an act of brotherhood.

The statement released by King George, Seh Calaz’s manager goes on to expose how Seh Calaz has been included on Soul Jah Love’s gigs without consulting his management and “Seh Calaz has been decent enough to attend without even asking for payment.”

I get it Zimdancehall is actually a brotherhood thing, but the way Zimdancehall artists override their managers seems a lot unprofessional the more you look at it. This is probably the reason why artists like Jah Love have been involved in double bookings which ended up hurting the fans who had parted ways with their hard earned dollars.

Seh Calaz’s management was disappointed because Soul Jah Love’s management headed by Ben Nyandoro of Jive Zimbabwe had contacted the Sadaka organizers and threatened them with legal action. It is understandable that one would be shaken off by such a move especially if you had performed at their gigs for free.

Performing for free at another artist’s show is not the problem, we knew this already that its Zimdancehall’s way of helping each other, but as professional artists managers should be part of the process. Now you know why Winky D is never at these birthday bashes, right?

In the full statement below Seh Calaz ended up severing ties with the ‘Pamamonya Ipapo‘ singer telling them, “do not come and in future never consider us for any of your events.”

To Stakeholders & Fans

We would like to inform all stakeholders and especially fans that Soul Jah Love will not perform at the Sadaka Birthday Bash slated for this Saturday,October 14th 2017.This is because we have not reached an amicable agreement with the artist.

For the avoidance of doubt,having Soul Jah Love on the line up was an act of brotherhood and whatever discussions were neccesary were to be handled by Seh Calaz and Soul Jah Love.Seh Calaz has been on tour to Australia and only arrived yesterday. The two come a long way before the emergence of some overzealous mafikizolo managers.

Soul Jah Love has put Seh Calaz on posters for basically all his launches and birthday bashes without even consulting with Seh Calaz or his management and Seh Calaz has been decent enough to attend without even asking for payment.

It came as a surprise therefore that Soul Jah Love’s management contacted the promoters of the Sadaka bash yesterday with a threat for legal action because Soul Jah Love was on the poster.

While it is obvious they are acting under his instruction , we find this kind of behaviour to be very hypocritical coming from an artist who is known for missing confirmed and booked shows. As they say, a lizard in Zimbabwe can not be a crocodile in London. While trying to portray a semblance of order and pseudo professionalism,we urge his management to clean their house first.It is a public secret that they have not appeared at booked shows and caused violence and vandalism of property as a result. It is against this background that we make this public announcement to avoid any such incidents.

As already alluded to earlier,we can’t count the number of times we have been on their event posters and actually turned up. We do this in the spirit of brotherhood which unfortunately the other side does not want to reciprocate but choose to grandstand for whatever reason.So here is the message to them:Its ok,do not come and in future never consider us for any of your events.We have done our part several times to be good brothers but it seems you think we can do without each other based on your uncouth behaviour and that’s fine with us. The Sadaka bash will go ahead and will be a success all the same.

Issued by King George


On his track Moyo Wangu Blot threw a few lyrics that sent the Zimdancehall fraternity into a frenzy that hasn’t settled.

On the song produced by Fire Kings, the young dancehall singer introduced his song as ‘Mr Mbare Vanyowani‘ (the new Mr. Mbare) which was seen by many as a direct challenge to Kinnah. For years Kinnah has been known as the Mr. Mbare and has stood ground to maintain that title.

If you are a true fan of the local Zimbabwean genre you would know how important these titles are to these artists, for example everyone knows Killer T is the Chairman, Shaddy is Mr. Magoo, even though Chibaba has been used as a general term, there is only one Chibaba in Zimdancehall, that is Soul Jah Love.

That’s why it was a shock to hear Blot call himself that. “I was surprised to hear that Blot now calls himself Mr. Mbare, I was given the title by the people, who gave Blot that name?” asked the Mbare based Kinnah in an interview with H-Metro.

So today’s task is simply ladies and gents, who deserve the title Mr. Mbare, Blot or Kinnah, vote using the poll below and invite others, this poll will close after two weeks.



King Shaddy drops a new tune titled Kucheudza Pfungwa which cautions married couple from some mischievous acts from their other half. Mungwarire! Stream and download the song below.


Ukaone muparavara, wababa wakudikitira ziva kuti vabatwa

Kana vakukwenya kwenya ndebvu, face yavo yakozhomoka

Ukanzwa zvanzi sorry samaita, zvaitika izvi handichazviita

Ziva kuti amai vane zvavaita, ziva kuti amai vabatwa

Phone irikurira mumba munamai zvonzi makanika varikufona

Zvonzi nababa musadaire, chikwereti akasevisa gearbox

Mai vaenda kubucha nyanyanya, nguva yavatovara variko yanyanya

Nyama irimupoto haisi yedhora kasi nekukara baba vodya vakanyarara


Ana mhamha mungwarire manamba anosevwa akanzi makanika mumafoni

Ana baba mungwarire manamba anosevwa akanzi driver vejoni

Ndangoti mungwarire, mungwarire iyeiyeiye x2



The much hyped Chillspot Passa Passa 5th Anniversary celebration which were supposed to happen in Mbare, Matapi at the Chillspot Recordz base were disrupted by the the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) yesterday.

The celebrations had billed some of the best local dancehall acts like Soul Jah Love, Killer T, Kinna and more to perform for free to a crowd from all over the country. According to local media personality Oscar Pambuka of Oscar Pambuka Productions, some people had come from as far as South Africa.

Chillspot Records which is nicknamed Mangoma Depot has been the hub for local dancehall and managed to bring out most of the now popular dancehall acts like Killer T and Blot who rose to fame last year after featuring on a riddim produced at the studio. The studio has been based in Mbare for the past 5 years.

Chillspot family hatiskufara, hatiskufara nematritirwo atirikuita,” started one of the founders at Chillspot Records Fantan in a video posted on Facebook. “Nhasi ranga ririzuva ratanga tichifanirwa kuclebrator 5th annivesary yeChillspot, tanga tichida kuita give back to the community.”

As Chillspot family we are not happy with the way we are being treated, today we were supposed to celebrate our 5th anniversary by giving back to the community [through the Passa Passa].

Reasons why the event was cancelled are not yet clear, but according to DJ Fantan, they had police approval to hold the event prior. Speculations have suggested that the police were wary of the massive turn out the event was attracting while there were only a few police on the ground to cover the area.

Due to extensive promotion done on the part of the organizers via platforms like social media and even on radio stations, the excitement was high and so was the crowd.

DJ Fantan has promised to host another celebration at the Stodart Netball Complex, but then that means its not free anymore. “Tanga tisingade kudaro,” says Fantan.

Popular Zimdancehall star is at it again with the release of his much anticipated 2017 album titled ‘Ndofirapo’ featuring a slew of hits already making some dancehall lovers go crazy. Most fans are already rating the album high than most already dropped Zimdancehall albums.

Not all the songs are our favorites here, because we feel the dancehall legend could have done better, but its definitely a banger to give an ear to.

The album feaures songs like, Chigayo, Ndofirapo, Yeke yeke, Marangwanda, Pindirai, Ndambakuudzwa, Kwayedza and more.

Stream the mixtape below and download using free link.





Zimbabwean reggae and dancehall singer Celscius Wayne aka Celscius has just dropped his first album. Although the ‘Makatendeka‘ singer has been in the game for some time, he hasn’t dropped a full album until now.

The first album from Celscius is titled ‘Hupenyu‘ full with 11 tracks including; Hupenyu, Nyika Yedu, Baba Vashaya, Mumba Medu ft Tytania, Ndide, Team Warrior, Kudenga, Fire Fire, Hatimisike, Rudo and Wehuhwe.

Stream and download the full album below;



Watch Celscius videos here; []

The new video by Winky D and Buffalo Souljah for Rugare is out, you can check it out below, but if you are the reserved kind I urge you to watch it at your own risk.
Seriously not trying to undermine a great deal of effort by our own artists, I think this is a great video and it shows the new direction our artists are taking to conquer not just Zimbabwe.
However, ladies and gentleman the question here is, ‘is it too much for ZBC?‘ If you have watched the video you would know why I am asking this, if you havent, let me describe it to you the way somebody did to me, ‘too much lingerie and skin!’
Now given the way Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) is reserved, or generally how the population that watches it is considered reserved (its a national TV, so its expected I guess), are they going to air such a video. It has been playing on Trace Africa for almost two weeks now, but ZBC is yet to give us a taste as of now and I bet requests are already pouring in.
In the past we have seen programs like Coke on the Beat trying to play videos like Bicycle Ride remix by Vybz Kartel ft Bunji Garlin and cutting off scenes that have too much nudity, let us see how this one is going to play out, the ball is to you ZBC!